Eminem Opens Up About Brush with Death

Eminem documented his drug addiction on last year’s Relapse. Now clean and promoting his latest album Recovery, the rapper spoke to “Showbiz Tonight’s” Brooke Anderson about his near-death experience.

“It took me a while to actually admit that I had a problem,” said Em. “In the hip-hop world that I live in, I think that it could be mistaken for weakness, and the last thing that you wanna do in hip-hop is admit that you’re weak. If I didn’t admit that I was weak with this certain thing, I was gonna die.”

Just how close did he come? “Probably a couple hours away from death.”

Video via CNN and YourAudioFix

  • Ronja

    I’m glad he’s clean now.. Proud of him.

  • eFizzi

    Em, u r out of this world man. clean or unclean, u r d illest. Thanx 4 d come back. Once again, U given me something 2 smile about. TWO THUMBS UP!

  • Mitch 3k

    Great album he’s got on his hands, I donteven care too much about the sales because he’s the best selling rapper of all time anyway, I’m just glad he delivered such a great CD, first good one I’ve heard since OB4CL2…..Definatly got my money on the 21st

  • Jph1218

    Any first week predictions ?

  • guilherme

    meu ele maior rap do mundo graça Deus que ele esta limpo eminem vei para o brasil o meu dinheiro ja com um destino cd recorvey !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • guilherme

    eminem voçe votou com garra isso que e inportante o melhor rap do mundo

  • shelbieb

    Im proud of him for being clean now.(:
    Im glad you are still standing here.
    You give me alot to smile about.
    keep your head up.

    I think Eminems music are very great!

  • chelsea

    Im Soo Glad Eminem’s Clean And Made It Thru That Night. He’s An Amazing Person N The Best RAPPER ALIVE!!! My Dream Is Too One Day Get His Autograph And Meet Him!!!! :) When I Listen To His Music It Puts Me In Fabulous Mood!!! Every Song On His New Album Is Meaning Full And Inspiring!!! So If You Ever Think You Cant Do Something Think Of EMINEM’S STORY!!!

  • ryan currier

    i like your song. my dad gone crazy.cleaning out my closet. mocking brid

  • ryan currier

    i am your fand me an my dad like your songs