New Music: Shyne – ‘Roller Song’


Following his release from jail, Shyne faces the harsh reality of being an ex-con. Although he may have landed a multi-million dollar deal with Def Jam, Moses Michael Levi is still on the other side of the law. “The ex-con can’t get the job, so what I’m ‘posed to do to feed my moms?” he asks in his deep baritone on “Roller Song,” the street single from his upcoming album.

Listen and check out his handwritten lyrics below.

Download: Shyne – “Roller Song”

Shyne Lyrics

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  1. Gleam

    Super lame


  2. Da



  3. ponyo



  4. kydnice

    honestly i think tha joint wuz iiiiiight… its a 1,000x betta than tha otha foolery they been releasin 4 this dude… let him warm up tho ppl …. my otha thing is i honestly don c wut all tha hype is about.. he only had ONE Gold album.. y tha 7 figure deal and HUGE anticipation ? i really dont git it…


  5. DR. DRE



  6. H

    Im diggn everything SHYNE put out since being out Clinton. Everything. Radio sheeple hate’n cause they dont get it. Lyrics stupid dumb thorough. I aint even a fan I dont even buy Rap music but I overstand art. FUKCNROBOTS!


  7. adam

    Shyne= Real Hip-Hop. He need 2 teach rap a lesson!!!! Class is in session, lol


  8. DBL R

    Man, shyne is gonna make it happen. When ur behind the iron bars…..If ur smart. Ur thinking about ur next move. Believe u me. Business is business. …….DEF JAM is far from stupid. CHUUCH. DBL R


  9. Jordan

    The Last Real Rapper Alive


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