Video: Kat DeLuna f/ Akon – ‘Push Push’

Kat DeLuna

After teaching us how to “Whine Up” in 2007, Kat DeLuna recruits David Guetta and Akon for another summertime smash. “Push Push” is the lead single from the Dominican diva’s sophomore album Inside Out. “Project Runway” winner Christian Siriano is behind the fierce styling.

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  1. Ryan

    GREAT summer song just wish the video had more choreography tho.


  2. ugh

    i really want to say this is great but its a horrible song for a single. the outfits were fire though. thats about all i can say.


  3. LaMont

    This a nice video! Kat DeLuna is lookin’ very sexy in this video this is the best I’ve ever seen her look.She has a really nice voice it’s strong and powerful.


  4. Maravish95

    Stop Hating..
    This Was A Great Video !!
    Keep It Up Kat and Akon…


  5. ouchhh!

    she favors christina milian.


  6. trippin456

    akon should of done the hook


  7. Rap*

    redone and not david.


  8. Billy

    Kat DeLuna has really never had a hit single, and sadly, I don’t expect this to change her fortunes.

    The outfits were great (especially those yellow stilletos), except for the one with the jewels glued to her upper body, which just reminds me too much of “Poker Face”


  9. ...

    i honestly want to like her, but there’s something about her that i can’t warm to. bad song, okay video. her first album was pretty okay, though.


  10. yashgupta_21

    The beats remind me a bit of SEXY B**** From David and Akon.


  11. Your Father

    Man, this chick will never be sexy to me.
    She look like Flounder from the Little Mermaid in the face and all that.
    Can’t stand David Guetta and his bullshit production.
    Can’t wait till music gets over this “dance” phase.


  12. yashgupta_21

    Correction, the beats remind me A LOT of SEXY B****


  13. Phil V

    is it just me or are there WAY TO MANY “OH’s” in this song?


  14. rome

    she reminds me so much of christina milian a pretty girl that will never have a successful career… the video is alright


  15. LShea

    Been wondering what happened with her. I heard/liked her first album even though I’d never heard of her before; I was pleasantly surprised. She’s has a good voice. Good luck to her!


  16. Kyle

    I’ve always liked Kat Deluna, she has some catchy ass songs. I liked her debut album a lot and I really liked “Unstoppable” with Lil Wayne. I’m surprised it didn’t become a hit. This songs decent, I was just expecting a bit more from David Guetta. Regardless, I wish her the best and I will definitely check out “Inside Out” when it drops.


  17. boombam



  18. Phoenix_Wright

    Chorus got me. But not my kind of song. She has a great voice so I think she should sing songs that show it off more often.


  19. sucka4luv143

    This video… Wow… Would have to agree with @BOOMBAM on this one… It’s Cheesey! The song is an over produced Akon track that is channeling into something that we already here on the radio everday (i.e. Ke$ha, Gagalot, Rihanna, etc.) [DO NOT COME AT ME TWISTED CAUSE I SAID RIHANNA.. FALL BACK!] Just seems like every artist is trying to compete instead of making music they love.


  20. gilda

    shesthe best song i ever hear


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