New Music: The-Dream – ‘Turnt Out’

Turnt Out

“I’m a beast,” The-Dream boasts on his latest panty-dropping anthem “Turn Out,” Love King‘s equivalent of “Falsetto.” “Someone said they lost [their] virginity to ‘Falsetto’ so I feel like I’m in the giving mood..” the Radio Killa tweeted shortly before releasing the sultry record.

Download: The-Dream – “Turnt Out”

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  1. miizy



  2. Who Gonna Check Me Boo



  3. The Prophet Blog

    I like The-Dream but I feel like he tries too hard to be Prince, and it comes across forced and not as good. When Justin Timberlake channels prince and Michael it feels more natural. I love Dream but he’s a prince wannabe.


  4. Pucci


    I would have to agree, but i do like this song.


  5. Emancipation

    @The Prophet Blog
    The-Dream channels Prince better than Justin.
    It’s not like he doesn’t give them credit. He’s always mentioning Prince and Michael.


  6. Trey

    Maybe this will be his hit since Love King and Make Up Bag didn’t do so hot.


  7. miro(;

    i agree with ^


  8. dillon_68



  9. anonymous

    He should’ve given this to Maxwell


  10. Deangelo R.

    The Dream was a smash when he debuted his first album, but a lot of people notice all of his music has the same style flowing, and it’s getting old. He doesn’t know how to do anything else with his voice, and his beats and instruments all sound the same. He’s good but quickly becoming a thing of the past. I’m not hating either, just keeping it real :)


  11. Pucci

    Sorry i meant to respond to Deangelo R., not to Prophet King, cause i don’t agree with that.


  12. HakeemHunte

    Im not even gonna lie i thought dream was drying up, i liked love king but make up bag was just bad; but with this i get an old skool vibe and i see it blowing up soon!


  13. lil_ray

    ay this my shit


  14. Jorge I

    I don’t care what anybody says, but The-dream is the shit! ALL his songs are the shit. The-Dream is the illiest nigga and Love King is going to be better than his last two, which were classics. We need him, he is the only one thats keeping R&B alive! Don’t retire Dream, we need you!


  15. ohh

    I like this!!!!!!


  16. dillon_68

    @Jorge, you are my hero. Its good to see other supporters of The-Dream in the midst of so much hate. Though it looks as if he may retire, I too hope that he changes his mind.


  17. Jorge I

    @dillon_68, Dawg I’m glad to see someone on my side! To me honestly I don’t think he is going to retire, in Sex Intelligent(Remix) on Love King, Dream says he is going to drop Love/Affair 6-7-2011
    He can’t just say that and retire.


  18. JoJo

    I read an article saying that in the end of Sex intellegent Remix on the album he shouts out imma drop the Love Affair 6-7-11 so we might be in for one more album!!!!!


  19. JoJo

    O shit i jus noticed Jorge I said tht ma bad lol


  20. Jerry

    True unoriginal just trying to sound like everyboby else.


  21. Brittney

    One of my favorite songs off this album


  22. Zac

    yall just hatin… drake sounds the same in every song and everyones on his dick. nobody knows about dream cuz they dont put his best songs on the radio. he switches his style up all the time how can he sound the same when hell do a slow song, an upbeat song and he raps a little in some of his songs.


  23. Zac

    dream is fire


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