Video: Lil Jon Talks Dirty with Chelsea Handler

Lil Jon and Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler met her match in Lil Jon on Wednesday’s “Chelsea Lately.” Their naughty conversation ranged from crunk-gasms to his love for cats to his shoe size. “You’re really puttin’ me in my place,” laughed Chelsea. “I’m just crazy too,” replied Jon.

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  1. queen

    it’s no surprise that chelsea loves her rappers hehe


  2. JD



  3. 808boi

    i hope he does the round table sometime.


  4. Da Majik Mon Martinez

    Always diggin’ your Shit … Loved it when Chappelle would do you on his show & then called you when he was Tappin Oprah … Loved ya on Chelsea she’s rad, but I didn’t hear no “OKAY”, “WHAT”, or “EeeeYeah’s” Crunk that Shit Up Lil John … Skeet, Skeet, Skeet !!!


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