Video: N.E.R.D. f/ Nelly Furtado – ‘Hot-N-Fun’


N.E.R.D. brings the party to the desert in the video for “Hot-N-Fun,” the summertime single from their fourth album Nothing (Sept. 7). Pharrell, Chad, and Shae pick up some scantily-clad hitchhikers while cruising the California highway in a one-of-a-kind painted Rolls-Royce. They reach their destination where more girls wait to party with the rock stars. Nelly Furtado also makes a fiery appearance in the Jonas Åkerlund-directed clip.

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  1. The Prophet Blog

    Ke$ha rip off.


  2. Phoenix_Wright

    Yes there are some similarities between this and that wack ass “Love Is My Drug” video.

    Eh I like the song a lot though. Decent video even though they had that bootleg ass Nelly F. part. And the hat Pharrell wearing in the 1st half of the video…I want it!


  3. Roscoe

    who? Why is Interscope wasting Kelis’ budget on these wack ass shit. Pharrell needs to sit his old ass down


  4. wow

    nelly f. totally spoiled the vid+the song ….
    BTW it seems nobody have checked a jonas åkerlund video, his videos are aaaaalways the same, check out any roxette jonas’ vid, or whatever… not kesha’s rip off, just jonas åkerlund style everywhere


  5. ...

    kelis’ budget? ha — considering the divorce settlement she got from nas, her gold diggin’ ass should be able to finance her own endeavors


  6. SM


    N*E*R*D are back!!


  7. UltraKid


    Anything hating obviously don’t know what good music sounds like.


  8. rox

    ??? Kesha ??? that drunk sounding chick that they just happen to record…nobody should compare NERD to Kesha @theprophetblog your an idiot


  9. trey-k

    Why is everyone going for the desert theme & the red-indian hat, even Kelis has the same hat & theme in her video, as well as Kesha.


  10. Maggie

    This is horrible. I am ashamed for Pharrell. It’s like those bad early 90′s rap vids


  11. kani k.

    love them both. but this is not that hot n fun as it reads out.


  12. Ischnura

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