Video: Eminem on Giving Up, Friendship with Jay-Z, and His Legacy

DJ Clinton Sparks goes one-on-one with Eminem to discuss his decision to go capeless in the video for “Not Afraid,” how drugs stripped away his confidence, self-loathing and giving up, his addiction to running (17 miles a day!), phone calls with Jay-Z, and what he wants to be remembered for most.

Em is scheduled to make appearances next week on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and “The Late Show with David Letterman.”

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  1. Over

    lol @ I want to be remembered as a fashion icon…
    …btw why’s everyone suddenly on Em’s d**k ???


  2. cool

    @over that was joke!!! DOn’t u get it?
    That moderator making fun about jay is so not funny.


  3. shady lady

    i wish Em end his relashionship wid all jay-z!!! he wannts to get out of this shiiitttt!!!!!!!


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