Drake and Justin Bieber Dominate MuchMusic Video Awards

Justin Bieber and Drake

Drake and his little brother Justin Bieber returned home to Canada to attend the 21st Annual MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto on Sunday (June 20). The Canuck heartthrobs pulled up to the red carpet in a shared Maybach. In a pre-show interview, Drizzy called his younger peer “one of the greatest talents that Canada and the world has ever seen.”

Despite technical difficulties (he was missing an earpiece), Drake went on to perform “Over” wearing all white everything. He also won the award for Hip-Hop Video of the Year for “Successful.” Other performers included Bieber, Ke$ha, and Katy Perry, who arrived in an ice cream truck.

Drake performs “Over”

Drake accepts Hip-Hop Video of the Year for “Successful”

Videos via Mr. World Premiere

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  1. lilkunta

    In a pre-show interview, Drizzy called his younger peer ‘one of the greatest talents that Canada and the world has ever seen’.

    No way. Justin is popular now bc he is teen pop. Let him transcend to adult audiences. Then we’ll call him a great Canadian talent.

    I think the greatest Canadian talents are Daivd Foser & Celine Dion.


  2. lilkunta

    Also, why is JB nom’d for a BET award?
    Im in DC & I NEVER hear any of his songs on the urban stations: not 92q werq, not 93.9 wkys, not 95.5 wpgc.

    He is played on hot 99.5 here, a pop station.

    So what is the criteria for BET nomination?


  3. Stephonne

    There really isn’t a criteria. For BET the awards are more political than anything else. It’s still a great award show but there is definitely not a set of rules for choosing nominees. But think about who Justin Bieber is aligned with: Ludacris, Usher, Drake, Soujah boy, etc. etc. A lot of young African-American children love him, especially girls, and his music is pop but has an r&b/urban splash in it. You will see it more as he gets older. Think Justin Timberlake. The music will align more with urban radio with age. He is too young for them to go too left. Plus what he does gets money across demographics and markets. Side note: I heard Baby over Ciara’s Oh beat and it was fire… BET love that boy. He cool.


  4. Christian

    BET wants his huge fan base to watch the show. They’re using him. People shouldn’t direct their anger towards him. He didn’t ask for the nomination.


  5. PG3

    Justin Timberlake got those BET nominations at one point too.


  6. SR

    stupide kid needs to die!


  7. MeLissa

    geez… he’s just doing his thing… at least he’s actually talented unlike some other nominees.


  8. Jaelani

    Justin Bieber has cute poppy music, soon as puberty kicks in… his time will pass. As for Drake? In a couple years his success will be OVER. Next….


  9. Albinna

    I like All Photo :) <3


  10. hello

    hahahaha @ jaelani drake success isnt gonna be over in couple yrs u dumb hoe he is gonna be up there 4 a very long time so stfu!!!


  11. Zorian



  12. christine

    hi my dad likes you he things that you are hot


  13. Julie

    Drake and Justin are talented and adorable. I am proud of our Ontario boys!


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