Rap-Up TV: Diddy Surprises at Powerhouse

Diddy dropped by Power 106′s Powerhouse concert with a surprise performance. Once the smoke cleared, the Bad Boy mogul ran through his hits including “Last Night,” “Hello Good Morning,” “It’s All About the Benjamins,” and “Mo Money Mo Problems,” along with his Dirty Money crew Dawn and Kalenna. He also shared the spotlight with his son Christian, while congratulating Drake on his soon-to-be No. 1 album and wishing Tupac a happy belated birthday.

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  1. Ghetto Fab

    Poor Dawn and Kalenna. Just back up singers. Nothing more nothing less. This certainly wasn’t what Dawn wanted for her “solo” career. Diddy is such a pig.


  2. bijan

    Dawn’s rendition of Last Night was really good


  3. ...

    does he not realize that he’s the worst part of every single one of his songs?

    keyshia cole WAS “last night”, lil kim and biggie tore up “it’s all about the benjamins”, and biggie’s verse on “mo money” can be recited by any real hip hop fan with their eyes closed.

    somebody’s ego needs to be brought down about 20,000 notches.


  4. CJ

    ^^ totally agree, dawn is soo talented and he is just standing in the way. DM would be soo much better with just the two girls


  5. Stephonne

    The other songs on the album bring them center stage. They are chillin. They are crazy paid, lol. They probably don’t care one bit. I wouldn’t I don’t think.


  6. Stephonne

    Plus the exposure internationally and home side gives them such a great platform for their future solo careers. Diddy seems to be a better music business man these days and Bad Boy is getting back to more of the powerhouse it was. It’s back to a movement and Mr. Iovine seems to be in full support with Interscope. The girls are fine, lol. Actual singing will take place.


  7. sly b.

    OMG why Diddy doing this….
    Man. :l let the ladies do their thing…


  8. Carol

    Don’t worry about Dawn her talent is limitless, just a beautiful person inside and out, her fan base is on tilt. Kaleena has mad skills also. I agree with Stephone. Working with Diddy gives them a platform. Egos is why a lot of people are sitting on the outside looking in.


  9. Kai

    I love Dirty Money! The last 3 singles that they’ve released are AMAZING! And Dawn & Kalenna are BAD!!!! Shout outs to Neon & Flux! ;0]


  10. Roe

    Ahh THANK YOU for posting this! I’m seein the Diddy-Dirty Money concert on july 3rd at Atlantic City, and if this is how there show is gonna be I’m even more excited!


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