Rihanna Would Love to Work with Drake

Rihanna and Drake

While Rihanna may have broken Drake’s heart, she still has love for his music. The pop superstar says the Young Money rapper is on her playlist.

“Right now I’m listening to Drake, Jay-Z, Kings of Leon, Ke$ha,” she told E!’s Ben Lyons during her recent trip to Israel.

When asked whether she foresees a collaboration with Drizzy, she said, “I hope so ’cause he’s really, really talented, and I think he’s one of the illest lyricists out there right now, so I would love to work with him.”

Drake told The New York Times that he felt misled by Rihanna after their brief romance last year. “I was a pawn,” he revealed. “You know what she was doing to me? She was doing exactly what I’ve done to so many women throughout my life, which is show them quality time, then disappear. I was like, ‘Wow, this feels terrible.’”

Rihanna’s “Last Girl on Earth” tour kicks off in the U.S. on July 2 in Auburn, Wash., with special guests Ke$ha and Travie McCoy.

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  1. Seductress

    This isan old interview. Rihanna ain’t checking for him no mo.


  2. Rated R

    ^ Did Rihanna tell you this personally? Please tell us more! SMH


  3. GanasterA

    She need to make her self looks better esp after the media made her look like shes fuckin for track


  4. Jai

    Robyn needs more people. I’m sure she wants to “work with him” just to drum up more publicity. I honestly think that’s how it started out with Breezy too before shit hit the fan. Girl, GOOD DAY.


  5. missz

    Drake don’t you dare work with that talentless cunt!


  6. Seductress

    Haters coming. Ganastera and Missz too bad Drake don’t want none of you ugly cunts. He want the Princess Rihanna


  7. Miss Jade

    @Seductress…thank u for straying away dha haters cuz i wuz bout to send dhere ugly asses home

    (missz, lets see a picture…i’m sure we would all love to see a picture of the ugly one who claims to know all)


  8. Ashley

    Look…It’s Drake who is using her name for publicity. Rihanna made this statement a while back before all the Drake drizzle started. I bet you Rihanna doesn’t even know about all the rumors and stuff…Her publicists worry about that stuff and all they do is get a call and comment. Rihanna barely ever gets word on gossip. Besides, Drake is just trying to get sympathy and also sort of ups himself in that comment. Like “She did me wrong, but i have done so many women wrong too, so I deserve it because I’m such a player”…Stu-pid!


  9. Ashley

    @Jai: Rihanna was famous before she was with Chris Brown. Chris Brown got more famous because he was with Rihanna who is a pop superstar….More people in the world know who Rihanna is anyway…Umbrella was one of the biggest international hits of all time. Rihanna can work with pretty much anyone and it would still be big news. Drake isn’t that special at all. There is nothing that wonderful about him except his rhymes are kinda funny.


  10. meeee

    His sunglasses are too small for his head. * massive head


  11. GangsterA

    Im not hatin i like rihanna i like rihanna alot i just said she need to clear her name and make her self looks better cuse pepole thought shes fuckin for tracks i didnt say that rihanna is fuckin for tracks


  12. hello

    drake betta not work wit that stupid hoe!


  13. [email protected]

    This is a very old interview….. She said this way before Drake used her name as a PR Stunt! Young Money is SHIT! They are destroying Hip Hop & Now R&B


  14. T-R-EVER

    @Missz Haha yupp as u said talentless and at the top bitch :) so what ??? STAYMAD haters OMG STUPID ASS FUCKERS!


  15. @ Ashley

    First of all, you need to leave Chris Brown out of it, he ain’t got anything to do with this, yall love to keep bringing him up when it comes to her. Second and more important, he was famous before he got with her, he had already made a name for himself before he got with her.


  16. Kelly

    This interview was done when she was in israel a few weeks ago. Not exactly “very old.”

    Rihanna has not said anything bad about Drake. why r her fans trying to start shit?


  17. British Bells

    Rihanna is so beautiful, her and Drake would make a lovely couple.


  18. JD

    ^because her fans are retarded


  19. ponyo

    smh at that smh


  20. yrashawn

    Rihanna is the mot beautiful talented person ever and yall need 2 stop hatin on her cuz she doing her thing. I don’t have anything against Drake but he need to GET OVER IT


  21. haocnsnxc

    need 2 stop hatin on her cuz she doing her thing. I don’t have anything against


  22. debra



  23. Rap*

    She said that before, he put her on blast.


  24. theresa_keys



  25. gab

    he would never work with her


  26. Da Fresh Princess

    Drake is corny and Ri Ri is corny. But I admire her fashionable style and beauty. But she sounds horrible live. Don’t like her as a singer.


  27. Shelly

    she is beautiful…why is she not a video model or something…leave the singing and performing to REAL singers and performers.


  28. KB

    @Shelly because it’s what she loves to do, why should she leave it’s enough room in the music industry for everybody and anybody, and obviously the REAL singers are not doing anything right if they are not touring all accross the world like she is, RIHGT, and i hate when people say she can’t sing, she might not be the best but she can sing.


  29. dldl

    Drake talk to MUCH!!!!!


  30. Ping

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