Behind the Video: Fantasia – ‘Bittersweet’


Fantasia takes you behind the curtain and into her dressing room to give you a peek at her video for “Bittersweet,” the first single from her third album Back to Me. The “American Idol” winner gets glammed up ’20s style while thinking about her man before a show at New York City’s The Box.

“I love soulful music. I grew up on soulful music and so I wanted to kinda bring that to this video,” Fantasia said of the Lenny Bass-directed clip, which will premiere June 25 on VEVO. “We took it back with the pin curls, the round nails, a lot of lip—that ’20s look.”

Photos: On Set of Fantasia’s “Bittersweet” Video

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  1. Trey



  2. Lukas

    keep on doing the soul, fantasia!


  3. meeee

    She sure has come a log way :) I’m sure this album will do great things for her.


  4. leemend

    you gooooo


  5. missblackandproud

    This is what black beauty is. As black women we are not considered attractive by the main stream. But our spirit,soul,and spunk will always be a force to contend with. Black women, please embrace our uniqueness. We are like non other.


  6. Mike

    I like Fantasia, you can tell that she is a genuine good person.


  7. philly11

    XDamn, this is my SHITTTTT! I can’t wait!!


  8. Jasmineeee!

    She’s Baaaack! I’m so excited for Fantasia to release this album. She’s had alot of family time and I’m sure she’s going to be more focused then ever. Monica had a 5[plus] years break and came back SMASHING EM’; so will Tasia :)


  9. LBoogie

    Love this single! Looking forward to the album.


  10. Browneyes

    I just viewed Fantasia’s new video waiting for release and I love it already. I am always excited to see what’s next from her. I love Fantasia’s style and taste always. She is a bad sister and I am so happy for her. When I first viewed her on American Idol I had chosen to be the winner and when it came down to it, I think I voted for 100+ times that night, just because I needed her to win. She is an awesome young lady and I am so proud of her and I continue to look for more exciting things from her as time go on. You go, Fantasia…….


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