Video: Drake Performs on ‘Leno,’ Opens Up in MTV Documentary

Drake made his second appearance on “The Tonight Show” (the first was guesting with Jamie Foxx one year ago), but this time he had the stage all to himself while performing “Find Your Love.”

Earlier in the evening, MTV aired a one-hour documentary, “Drake: Better Than Good Enough,” following Drizzy’s every move as he traveled the country on his “Away From Home” tour, while simultaneously recording and releasing his debut album Thank Me Later. Watch the makings of a star.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Videos via Mr. World Premiere

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  1. drake sucks

    maybe the worst performer ever…


  2. ugh

    find your love doesnt translate well into a live song

    the documentary was dope though. it really portrayed him as a humble young man who is just living his life and wishing for the best even though he knows it could all end in a heartbeat.


  3. ANgry Fan

    I was sure he couldn’t sing the studio version live and that he would sound different because you can hear his voice has been modified in the studio version.

    So he can’t really sing, i’m a bit disappointed to be honest.


  4. theresa_keys

    @ugh wow i absolutely love your comment.. that was what i had on my mind


  5. theresa_keys

    he cant really sing….


  6. Nani

    What a humble guy…you can tell he going to go on to better and bigger things. just dont know how much bigger he can actually get. Drake keep doing your thing


  7. cjay

    I swear to u…in the long run… this kid DRAKE will become a Legend and so will 40 and the rest of his ovo team…. he really cares about his family and friends and to all those comparing him to j. cole, hime and cole are very good friends and he was going to come out at his concert in ny if not those fukin NYPD….


  8. Joyams

    He’s kind of limited vocally but i still love his music and i love what he’s doing.


  9. cubevision

    drake is garbage. who compared this beige dude to the illmatic one and hov.


  10. TeriusNashsMustache

    Bad move drake . We would have never known . At least some loud ass drums in the back


  11. Hiphop Fan

    The documentary was so dope!!!


  12. hello

    i luved the documentary i was really good!!!


  13. hello



  14. cosmolitetz



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