Don’t Ask Big Boi About OutKast’s New Album or Else…

Big Boi

Big Boi is busy promoting his solo record these days, so don’t expect him to tell you about OutKast’s highly-confidential new album or you may suffer the consequences.

The more visible OutKast member says he’s frequently asked about the long-awaited project from him and André 3000, but things could get ugly if he spills the beans. “When I do interviews and they ask where the OutKast album is, I have to tell them it’s top-secret information, and that me and André 3000 will have to put something to your temple if I say something about it,” he tells SPIN magazine.

The duo made a promise not to speak about their next collaborative effort until the release is near. “We made a pact that we will not disclose any information until it’s about to come out,” he reveals.

One thing that he will freely speak about is his solo debut Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty, due July 6. Listen to the remix to his first single “Shutterbugg” featuring Rick Ross below.

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  1. Better work



  2. Meow

    he probably mad that no one probably won’t buy this and people like OUTKAST no just big boi…


  3. ...

    big boi’s solo material is hot. he’s so underrated. i wish people would let outkast go for a while (you asking 100x an interview doesn’t mean it’s coming out any faster), enjoy this, and quit riding 3K’s johnson.


  4. Dave

    Thank you for posting this, I didn’t even know this was out. This sounds really hot, imma get it


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