T.I. Gets Fired Up for BET Awards


Rap-Up.com was inside the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles as T.I. rehearsed for the 10th Annual BET Awards. Tip, wearing camouflage shorts and a Louis Vuitton backpack, lit up the stage with a fiery performance of his King Uncaged single “Yeah Ya Know (Takers)” with Travis Barker on drums. Catch his explosive set on tomorrow’s big show!

T.I. T.I. T.I. T.I.

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  1. Rina

    wtf he is doing with that baggg


  2. Who Gonna Check Me Boo

    Whats in that bag? 


  3. Minaj

    He got a Louis full of names. Snitch!


  4. sly b.

    Lol @ the bag. But can’t wait for the performance. Hope he’s not wearing that bag tho, lol.


  5. Joyams

    The bag is simply Ridiculous.


  6. SHANZ

    haha tbh i think da only reason iom actuallly gunna tune into the awards is to see this guy perform because hes great and to see if justin beiber wins dat award hes been nominated for





  8. @spenceg4l

    someone confiscate dat bag and do a thorough search. immediately.


  9. tip

    minaj ur a hater


  10. Star

    T.I. is going gold in a week 550 – 700k first week


  11. sgio

    good he’s do yeah ya know live
    but i think he need to do “got your back” live too


  12. Pinoy

    He has some guns in the bag.


  13. Bkp King

    Haha @ Minaj……Yes Snitch Bcos If Yuu Had Six Kids faciing 25yrs Youu Would Face The Years and live Your Family Sure . .. .Just Stfu And make sense of yourself SCUM!


  14. YeO

    woww ; thatsss dopeee(;


  15. Lou_zer

    HELL YES. That song is straight fire! Can’t wait for him to perform that. He always brings the energy. In my opinion, he’s the best live rapper. YEAH YOU KNOW, YEAH YOU KNOW, YEAH YOU KNOW.


  16. AK47

    That’s the Backpack-swag!


  17. GangsterA

    Lookin fowrd to the peformance


  18. Shelly

    Man what the fuck shut the hell aint got know life you ass hole see what you would do if you was in that mans place then lets see if you talk shit then.


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