Rap-Up Pre-BET Awards Lounge 2010

Naomi, Angela, Amerie, and Binkie

Rap-Up hosted an invitation-only lounge and gifting suite during BET Awards weekend at The London West Hollywood on Saturday (June 26). Guests included the newly-engaged Amerie (pictured above with her sister Angela), JoJo, Melody Thornton, Binkie and Naomi of Electrik Red, Twista, Lil Twist, Mishon, “Love the Way You Lie” producer Alex Da Kid, and more.

VIPs sipped on vitaminwater, smartwater, and Veuve Clicquot champagne and nibbled on red velvet and chocolate marshmallow cupcakes from Sprinkles (Amerie’s favorite) on the outdoor terrace overlooking Los Angeles.

Those lucky enough to be in attendance went home with a Sony bloggie camera, VTech IS9181 Wi-Fi Internet Radio, Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere 2 iPod speakers, Griffin iPod, iPhone, and iPad accessories, SUPER sunglasses, and adidas bowling bags.

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  1. Roscoe

    Amerie looks so pretty, no wonder why I stan for her! I can’t wait for the new album! I hope she has guest appearances from Kanye West and Kid Cudi!


  2. Jaelani

    Naomi and Binkie look great. I haven’t seen those girlies in forever! They need to come out with a new album ASAP :)


  3. drey

    wheres Cassie?


  4. Roscoe

    Hey Rap-Up, did u guys interview Amerie?


  5. Kyle

    I would love to get another Electrik Red album soon. Their debut album was the shit.


  6. Jordyn

    I love Amerie, what a classy woman & artist. I wonder if rumors are true about her going to Kanye West’s label G.O.O.D. Music & signing to Violator Management! I hope so because Def Jam did her so wrong & Im just baffled that they let her fall through the cracks like that. I hope Kanye gives her the A list treatment because she could be on Beyonce & Alicia Keys status right now! She only needs the right team. I already know she has the right producers with her now!


  7. BlackPressRadio

    Great job Rap Up on this. I missed the Social Media Lounge because of flight issues but I’m in L.A. and ready to kick some EDITORIAL butt today at the BET Awards. I hope we meet. I’d like to congratulate you in person. – DC Livers, host, BlackPressRadio.com blog.blackpodcasts.net


  8. g3

    Amerie looks like she gained weight but still pretty idc bout everyone else


  9. Trey

    Lil Twist is getting old with that freaking mohawk and he hasn’t even had any music come out yet.
    & Tell me why i thought Amerie was Kourtney Kardashian!?
    And i’m sick of Alex da Kid he needs to go somewhere and sit down. Must be excited since Em & Rihanna’s song wasn’t a flop like Massive Attack.


  10. jujubee

    @Trey…TRUST i was thinkin the SAME thing bout amerie… she gain a little weight and her skin looks much lighter but she still pretty…but DAMN TO all the free stuff they got


  11. lame

    Why are FLOPS always invited to these pre parties? oh…because they don’t have anything..nvmrind


  12. Kev

    Wifey’s back!! Amerie stay lookin gorgeous and her sister is pretty too.. whatever happened to Electrik Red? They had one song and that was it. And whatever happened to RichGirl on that note? lol I hope Amerie does leave Def Jam they weren’t up to par with her at all on the last album it was hella slept on


  13. jk

    cassie sold her soul to diddy…


  14. ...

    @lame: well, jojo has a platinum plaque and a gold plaque (plus two top tens), amerie has about the same, alex da kid has two of the top five songs on iTunes right now, melody thornton was in the most successful new girl group we’ve had in a hot minute, etc.

    so rap-up’s event wasn’t a “flop” event. ass.


  15. Trey

    I’m not at all saying that none of these people are big, because most ALL of them have great things going on,
    but the BIG BIG people are seemingly busy, which should be understood already.


  16. @Hugo_Pg

    Love JoJo she look’s great, love her and can’t wait for her new album


  17. poppa

    Yano i still dont understand why mishons not storming the billboards, he can move, sing and has got swagger yet we never hear anything of him, hopefully big things for the future with that one :)


  18. tell'em

    Amerie looks GREAT. Can’t wait for her new album, the last one did nothing for me. And I like Jojo’s Aaliyah shirt.


  19. WhatTheF



  20. Jordyn

    I wonder why amerie didn’t attend the award show?


  21. Shamn

    Amerie looks so beautiful. She is the most sexiest woman in the game. True Story. . did Binky from Electrik Red interview her. When are ya’ll gonna post Amerie’s interview!


  22. Shamn

    Hello RAP-UP, When are we getting the Amerie interview. I wanna see it! Why aren’t y’all answering me!


    Rap-Up Reply:

    The interview will be up sometime this week.


  23. Shamn


    I can’t wait! I hope its a more informative interview about her new album! & I love this site! Keep up the good work u guys!


  24. AJ



  25. Dave Delaney

    Thanks for having Griffin there.
    We’ve posted our photos here: http://blog.griffintechnology.com/archives/rap-up-pre-bet-awards-lounge



  26. Wesley

    I love Amerie so much.


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