IGA Crème of the Crop Dinner 2010

Keri Hilson and El DeBarge

After the show, it’s the after-party. Following the BET Awards, celebs headed to Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills for the 4th Annual “Crème of the Crop” Post-BET Awards Dinner Celebration hosted by Interscope Geffen A&M Records. Keri Hilson, Drake, Rick Ross, Pharrell, Fergie, and Cassie held court at the upscale Asian eatery, while IGA artists El DeBarge, Soulja Boy Tell’em, Mishon, and Diddy-Dirty Money performed on the outdoor stage.

Rap-Up.com caught up with Ashanti on the red carpet and asked whether she’s making the move to Interscope, but she remained coy. “I can’t tell you yet,” she said with a laugh.

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  1. alex

    keri hilson girl stop copying rihanna !!! damnn..


  2. Giselle

    Keri = gorgeous.


  3. Shamn

    Keri Hilson looks great. . .Ashanti on the other hand looks fat! I doesn’t matter if she goes to any label. .people still don’t care. Ashanti is so 2002, we on to the next one! Beyonce took her spot along time ago. Im sure she could still write songs for Beyonce and Rihanna though!


  4. Meow

    Keri looks good as usual…and does ashanti ever close her mouth? with that fake as smile.smh i knew debarge was short but damn..and rich boy……….*crickets*


  5. rainni

    look rihtards, rihanna wasn’t the original creator of that hairstyle!!!
    whatever though..keri looks fabulous!!


  6. WhatTheF

    Keri Hilson needs to pay homage to Queen Rihanna!


  7. fbadfbdfb

    headed to Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills for the 4th Annual “Crème of the Crop” Post-BET Awards Dinner Celebration hosted by Interscope Geffen A&M Records. Keri Hilson, Drake, Rick Ross, Pharrell, Fergie, and Cassie held court at the upscale Asian

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  8. BayGirl

    No that hoe Rihtard needs to pay homage to Prince


  9. Jay

    Keri looks amazing…people need to stop comparing artists hair styles and just be in it for the music.


  10. RUDE BOY

    is that keri hilson or rihanna :|


  11. ohhh

    alex..jay..shut up


  12. Deemy Tha Kid

    That hairstyle Keri is rocking is sooooooo Rihanna November 2009. Doesnt she know that any hairdo RiRi touches she shouldnt try because she can never measure up. She never looked as good as Rihanna with that hairstyle.


  13. Brina

    Ashanti looks beautiful n I hope she do sign with Interscope.


  14. Put them stank matted wigs back on

    No Rihtard needs to pay homage to Prince and she didnt invent any hairstyle. Keri looks better anyway.


  15. ...

    luda looks fine and i like how debarge looks. aaaaand that’s about it. damn.


  16. Meow

    @ jay, i completely agree


  17. carolyn

    everybody looks good expectly my girl ASHANTI she was wrking that dress and the haters need 2 sit down sum where and get a life:) n everybody elese looked good to!


  18. Billy

    Keri Hilson’s make-up is terrible!
    That purple eyeshadow! It looks like she used Barbie’s First Make-up Kit.


  19. shay

    Ashanti fat!! You got to be insane.

    She looks great!!

    I can’t wait until she drops her new cd..she has not released a bad one yet.


  20. Shamn


    She is very much so fat. I mean look at Cassie, Brandy, & Amerie. Those are the petite average sized singers in todays industry. By all means, Ashanti is overweight and I mean just because Im not a fan doesn’t overshadow the fact that she isn’t. Ashanti needs to hit up somebodys gym before releasing this album. And u gotta be insane to think that she isn’t fat!


  21. Meagan

    Why was Ashanti even there. I mean does she really think Interscope can save her already damage career. She needs to realize that nobody will care and that there is something other than music in the world. Some things aren’t for everybody and singing isn’t for her. She isn’t a real artist or entertainer. Real artist reinvent themselves without stealing from other artist. I just don’t see where that leaves Ashanti. Nothing about her, gets people excited. She is like a cuter version of Ciara but Ciara actually dances and trys to do something different.

    Anyway, Keri Hilson looks so beautiful. I can not wait to get my hands on her new LP. Keri is one of the few singers who actually gets it right.


  22. shay

    Ok Shamn..

    I don’t argue with idiots.

    Have fun in your world of lunancy.


  23. ashantistan



  24. Keepsitreal

    lmao @ all these haters. If Ashanti wasn’t doing anything you would not comments. Also If you are a fan of Keri and you diss Ashanti you need to sit until Keri finds her self a solo hit. Some of you are so stupid. I wanna know how did Ashanti steal something? And she did reinvent herself with Only U. SMH Some of you are sad.


  25. Keepsitreal

    LMAO @ Megan saying Keri gets it right.


  26. Jonah

    Yeah I agree with @Meagan. I don’t understand why Interscope would be interested in signing a has-been like Ashanti. It doesn’t matter how much a label try’s to re-package her it would still be boring, because she was never big news to start with.


  27. Diamond

    I love all that hate you all give Ashanti. One she’s not fat, two I’d like to see someone like Keri accomplish the multi-platinum albums and movie roles Ashanti’s had. No, Ashanti’s die-hard fan nor am I a big Ashanti fan, but this chick is always being dogged by the haters. She’s not a ‘has-been’ and her career isn’t over, shes took some time off but sheesh hasn’t every female singer? She’s just the only one trying to comeback without some reality show.


  28. Shonette

    This is to the Ashanti haters, Ashanti has sold 23 million albums worlwide in 8 years. Ffat c’mon she is no where near fat. Y’all must be some ugly girls cause y’all show is up in her pussy…lol. She is good good.


  29. JayRide

    did keri get inplants lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  30. Totty

    WTF??? Keri looks terrible. The hair, the makeup…it does nothing for her face. Not to mention she looks like she is about 40 yrs old, and is jacking Rihanna.

    Rich Boys looks like he rode the short bus in school.


  31. Totty

    Why would you think Keri got implants? Her breast are not even big.


  32. Jasmyne

    I hate Keri Hilson’s dress but liking the blond hair, Ashanti looks gorgeous as always, and Rich Boy is not a looka’!


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