Video: T.I. Catches Up with Chelsea Handler

T.I. and Chelsea Handler

One of our favorite “Chelsea Lately” interviews was T.I.’s appearance last year before he went to prison. Tip was back in the hot seat for the third time and more hilarity ensued. He spoke about the dirty care package he received from Chelsea while behind bars, their special “relationship,” Tiny’s reaction, and his latest projects. We can’t wait for his next visit.

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  1. BabyboyMC

    How Was Prison? Lool…


  2. shanz

    haha dat interview was hilarious man shes funny


  3. rman

    i want to know chelsea’s opinion about tiny lol.



    Funny , hilarious

    T.I shoes look cheap


  5. Pinoy

    Chelsea Handler probably visited T.I. in jail to get some ….


  6. Toya

    It’s always funny when Chelsea interviews rappers but her and T.I.’s relationship… Now that’s something special. It would funny if Chelsea made a cameo in one of T.I.’s music videos.


  7. ts5000

    chelsea handler is fine


  8. theresa_keys

    u never kno, theymight end up dating…but anyays… T.I should just leav Tiny … i really dont think he loves her… the way they talked bout with not really no respect kinda said it all… ut what most people dont know is that Tiny was the person that discovered T.I. so thats probably why he doesnt want to leave her.


  9. ts5000

    t.i. should hook up with chelsea
    tiny is ugly as hell


  10. Saad

    Lmao shes great. Hilarious interview.


  11. Jarvis

    when chelsea brings t.i. on here its always funny…T.I. is a funny man….T.I. betta quit playing and smash that….i


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