New Music: Enrique Iglesias f/ T.I. – ‘I Like It (Remix)’

Enrique Iglesias and T.I.

T.I. forays into dance music by jumping on the remix to Enrique Iglesias’ single “I Like It” produced by RedOne. Tip told Rap-Up TV that he also worked with RedOne on a Lady Gaga collaboration for his album King Uncaged. In related news, the video for “Got Your Back” with Keri Hilson was shot in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Download: Enrique Iglesias f/ T.I. – “I Like It (Remix)”

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  1. LShea

    Enrique is so hot.


  2. WhatTheF

    “Live Your Life” shits on “I Got Your Back.”


  3. WhatTheF

    Has anybody noticed that almost all of Keri Hilson’s features flop?


  4. jhuntdaprodigy

    T.I.’s verse was a solid dope Tip verse, nothing amazing those. And yeah IDK how well Kind Uncaged is gonna sale. Yeah You Know & Got Your Back are good songs, they just…idk, they aren’t up to the standards of Whatever You Like, Live Your Life, or Dead & Gone. They aren’t memorable like the 3 songs I just mentioned are, and nowhere near as successful on the charts. And I’m scared, when he says he’s got a song w/ Gaga. I want to see Luda, Hov, Kanye, Drizzy, ppl like that on his album.


  5. Vegard

    I Don’t Like It.

    Clever, huh? =D


  6. Bugz Bunny

    Good CollaBoration….
    Just feel the music vibe & Stop the CritiCs..even though your real name won’t Show..
    peace & love to the earth…


  7. ayototz

    not heard it yet but tip is always on point


  8. ...

    i’m glad he’s expanding his horizons and not collaborating with the saaaaame people you hear on every single mainstream hip hop album these days. i’m not a gaga fan whatsoever but i’m interested to hear how it sounds.


  9. HKx

    it’s gotta be good, T.i. is in it :)


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