Rap-Up TV: Amerie and Electrik Red’s Binkie Interview Each Other

After the champagne was poured and the cupcakes were eaten, we handed the mic to Binkie, who took over reporter duties for Rap-Up TV at Rap-Up’s Pre-BET Awards Lounge at The London West Hollywood. The Electrik Red singer interviewed Amerie about her new album Cymatica Vol. 1 and then the tables were turned when Amerie questioned her about Electrik Red’s sophomore effort How to Be a Lady: Volume 2.

Binkie used to be a dancer for Amerie. “She was an amazing, amazing boss,” shared Binkie. “Even when I starved you guys ’cause I said that you missed a step?” joked A. Watch the old friends catch up.

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  1. Shamn

    YES YES YES. I love Amerie & Electrik Red. I can’t wait to see them on tour! I wish she talked about who she worked with though. But THANK YOU Rap-Up for posting. You guys are the bestest!


  2. Michiko aka Plushdolly

    Love me some fuckin Amerie & Electrik Red!!! Owww!!


  3. i.d

    love this!
    they have so much personality!
    Amerie looked real pretty too
    cant wait for Cymatica


  4. SashaFierce

    They seem so sweet. Wait…Electrik Red is coming out with Treat Me Like A Lady Volume TWO?! I didn’t know the first one came out. So Good was my jam lol I’ll have to check itunes.

    and Amerie seems really sweet and intelligent. I hope her new music is better than those last few singles.


  5. guardian angel

    “A moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips” lol i love dat


  6. Jordyn

    I love me some Amerie and who knew the talented ladies of Eletrik Red were backup dancers for Amerie. Well I hope Ameries new Album is epic because she deserves to more bigger and I jus love ameries bubbly personality. Vh1 or E! Channel should Amerie a show ASAP. Oh and before I go . . amerie need to go in the studio with more international producers like Paul van dyk, Rusko, Royskopp, Nervo Sisters, and more to grantee a more international spund.


  7. Supervillian

    this was a really nice interview thing. I like Amerie more now. She just needs to release a good song. And the international sound suits her more. But :( at Amerie releasing the album next year! I wanted it sooner not later.


  8. emancipate

    awwwwww I love those b!shes!!
    I wish they would tour together or something.


  9. ohhh

    GO AMERIE!!!!!!!!


  10. Nervo

    Werk Ms. Amerie & ER!

    We need support real artist like them instead of the fake mainstream shit that floods the radio stations smh!


  11. Christian

    Can’t wait for How to Be a Lady: Vol. 2!!! Lol Werk *Binkie voice*


  12. WhatTheF

    Electrik Red are the shit!



  13. Shamn

    I wonder if Amerie is gonna do some reggae and electroclash mixed with new wave and dance punk. That would be so HOT!


  14. Dave

    Amerie is Amazing & Binkie is so Charismatic. Love the 2


  15. Zay

    Now that was entertainment. .bubbly personalities all around . M Rap-Up please make this a monthly thing between . . I mean the next time u can catch them in the studio . . Please we need to see them more since America is so fickled musically


  16. LeeNeverXisted

    That was nice yo! Binkie is a trip lol, she hella funny! And my baby Amerie looking sexier than ever! She is the baddest female artist in the game. I don’t care what anyone says. She’s bad and I bet she know it too! I can’t wait to buy her new album next year. I always support my baby. And yo Rap-Up u guys should do a sequel of this. I think it would be dope and then when their albums are close to release, you guys could interview them and give sneak peaks on some tracks off the album! I think that would be amazing, plus no other blog is doing it!


  17. i.d

    I agree with Zay, you need to get them two featured monthly.
    Their personalities are EVERYTHIG, so entertaining & funny


  18. Doom

    Give us more of Amerie!!! Yay!


  19. AJ

    ^YES! I loved this they were too funny together i was over here literally lol-ing at them! Love Amerie and she looks great…cant wait to hear the new music..international sound? im down for that! this could be interesting!


  20. Voice of reason

    Dat was a Kool interview. I hope she put out betta muzik dis time. She can dance she is creative and she got a cute personality. She jus need to release sum hits and step up her vocal game. Cuz in today market the only one with shot vocals dat is making it is Rihanna. Oh n she need to get new label or management…

    Electron red is cool but not really feelin them. Richgirl for the win!


  21. LeeNeverXisted

    RAP-UP, Since everybody want a sequel! Can u guys please make it happen please?


  22. LeeNeverXisted



  23. LeeNeverXisted

    Hello, Rap-Up am I speaking in tongues? Can we please get a sequel? Why are u guys ignoring me?


  24. Phoenix_Wright

    Nice video. Never really heard Binkie talk before, I like her. And of course Amerie, her interviews are interesting. Love her personality.

    I hope there are more videos of Electrik Red and Amerie from this event.


  25. Voice of reason

    Damn calm down it is not that serious shyt


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