New Music: M.I.A. f/ Nicki Minaj – ‘Teqkilla (Remix)’

M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj

M.I.A. finds a drinking buddy in Nicki Minaj, who guests on the rowdy remix to “Teqkilla.” “Yo Maya, your shit is on fire,” proclaims Nicki amidst the explosion of sounds.

M.I.A. told Interview magazine that she originally wanted Hype Williams to direct her controversial “Born Free” video, but he was unavailable because he was shooting Nicki’s “Massive Attack.”

Download: M.I.A. f/ Nicki Minaj – “Teqkilla (Remix)”

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  1. WhatTheF

    This is some hot shit! And Nicki MiKimClone killed it!

    You mainstream M.I.A. fans don’t know nothin bout diss!


  2. Ashley

    HOTTTTT!!!! The beat is unpresidented.


  3. ponyo

    for some reason this beat annoys me……..i am a fan but this beat is givin me a migrane


  4. kani k.

    the beat grew on me a lot.. just spin it for some more times.

    and it chills out when it slides to the next track ‘Lovealot’.


  5. Kelsey Hupp

    I totallllllllllly agree with you!! :)


  6. BowChickaWahWah

    Sounds odd. I couldn’t even tell when Nicki came in and started rapping the first time I heard it. This will have to grow on me.


  7. Trey

    Of course Nicki is fiyah, AS USUAL.
    But I still have to ask WHY WHY WHY.
    Time for her to do it big and jump on with someone like Rihanna for a Rockstar 101 Remix, or Ciara on Ride or Usher on OMG, something like that. A new track w/her and Chris Breezy would be dope too.

    I do home LG (Dutty Love) will be a late-summer hit though.


  8. Rygie

    this shit is fye


  9. niki whack



  10. Nicki Rocketlauncha

    hate it for the fact of the beat N nicki CAN DO BETTA


  11. shigz

    The production is too loud, can’t even hear M.i.a, & Nicki’s rap is nauseating. Wanted to like it, but not feelin it.


  12. will

    This is INSANEEEEE!!!!!!! Nicki Minaj killed her verse. Whoever produced this beat hats off cause this is one of the best beats ive heard for a good while.


  13. MeLissa

    idk. its like, it’ll probably grow on me but as of right now, the really LOUD part of the beat is making my right ear ring, but it’s like you cant turn it down bc you wont be able to hear anything =(


  14. Fool

    i like it very different to the beat and the lyrics are crazy i got sticccky icccky weeeeeed i got a shot of teqkilla in me very catchy


  15. humberto

    freaking sick!!!!!!! gotta love it! @_@


  16. humberto

    hey, Diplo & DJ Switch are the guys behind the production! =D GENIOUS!


  17. Deemy Tha Kid

    This is Just noise……….NEXT!!!!!


  18. MB92

    I really like this, i might have to get her album


  19. Freddie

    I usually don’t like Nicki minaj but I am becoming a fan of hers…she’s really entertaining at the end lol “and I go Bttttthhhhhhhh yeah I’m FUCKED up”


  20. Hmm.

    I love both of them and I love the new sound M.I.A. is experimenting with. I love this song, I think it sounds better than the original. But I hate how people are liking it just because Nicki Minaj is in it. I do hope that those people start to like M.I.A. and her music and realize that her music is better than amazing. Haha. I love how Nicki says senorrrrrrita.


  21. Shaytan

    Curious how does MIA hate Lady Gaga.. She says she isn’t original and that her music and style is fake…. Yet she works with Nicki( I’m Lost)


  22. Sync

    Wtf was that shit straight up garbage my ears are bleeding. Also wtf is nicki wearing in that pic she doesn’t realize how stupid she looks.


  23. mvn

    luv it…speachless:X



    GET IT!!!!


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