Video: Teairra Mari – ‘My Lovin”

Teairra Mari

Teairra Mari strips down, wearing nothing but soap suds and a towel around her head, in the tantalizing video for “My Lovin’,” a track from her forthcoming DJ Drama mixtape Point of No Return. The R&B vixen sings over Drake’s “Find Your Love” while making a splash in the bathtub. Her 7-track EP Sincerely Yours drops August 17.

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  1. listen

    i have never understood her relevance…isn’t that why she got dropped from Def Jam?


  2. theresa_keys

    her career is sinking faster than i thought. she was rising up but i guess jay switche her career fr rihannas


  3. Sir Banks II



  4. J. Man

    She’s here to stay haters


  5. BowChickaWahWah

    NOT a good freeze frame on the Youtube video right there. Lmao.


  6. Lana B Eezy

    She is one gorgeous girl!!!


  7. JD

    that TM should stand for “too much”. she’s over doing it.


  8. LaMont

    I love this video! Teairra is crazy sexy! She really gives us a tease of her goods I wish she would go all out and show us all her goods.LOL I can’t wait for this mixtape and her album.


  9. kmmmim

    I need a mp3 of this…


  10. cassidyboi

    Please Yal Some Hating As MUTHA **** She Killt This Mix & Her Vocals Are There #Support This Chick Follow Her @Teairra_Mari


  11. fi

    this sounds and looks cheap as hell
    no hatin’
    cause i dont even give a shit about her
    she is awefuly tasteless
    the video starts like cheap 90ies porn
    wtf happened to R&B???


  12. oprah

    Her release date is the same as Ciara’s.. Well see how that goes for her!!


  13. Creat1ve

    This video was actually pretty good. Let’s not forget, this is just for a mixtape song. It’s not like it’s feena be released as a single.


  14. Diamond Girl

    Teaiarra I supported your first effort. I will admit i enjoyed your street edged lyrics and songs, but the last few songs for mixtape or not have been lack luster and less than cool for lack of better words..I think with the continuation of classless songs and evidently low budget imagery. you’ll stay ‘local” broaden your horizons…Never a hater..Only encouraging..


  15. wethepeople

    my dear sweet dear…this aint it.

    you’re positioning yourself at dudes, when it’s females that actually BUY your music.

    song is cool, but video cheapened it…and you. fire whoever is leading you to believe that this newfound display of your “sexiness” will translate to sells.


    the people


  16. lola

    I think that I’m going to stop visiting this site or stop looking at these idiotic comments. It’s obvious that there are nothing but young ghetto black people who comment on here. Y’all really act like these good for nothing ghetto urban singers and rappers are hot when they’re not. Teairra’s voice is so damn annoying in this song, it’s so high and young. She cannot sing for sh**, she sounds like an ordinary black girl trying to sing and looks like a common round the way girl. The video is distasteful and she’s nasty. What a ho? Taking your bra and panties off in front of nasty perverts who are shooting your music video? She’s trying way too hard to be sexy and just looks like a dumba**.


  17. Vil

    good song, really bad MV…





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