New Music: Rick Ross f/ Drake & Chrisette Michele – ‘Aston Martin Music’

Rick Ross and Drake

Rick Ross rides with Drake and Chrisette Michele on “Aston Martin Music,” another cut from his Teflon Don album. “That’s a special record,” Ross told of his pairing with Young Money’s superstar, who sings on the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League production. “It’s a real street, edgy song, but the melodies of the chorus almost leave the listener in a trance.”

Download: Rick Ross f/ Drake & Chrisette Michele – “Aston Martin Music”

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  1. kevin

    too bad we all know that drake cant actually sing for real so his part must be brought to you by the magic of auto-tune…BUT…im actually likin this song..its got a nice 90′s feel to it.


  2. LAD



  3. jeff

    too bad you obviously don’t know how autotune works because his voice would sound different if it had been autotuned. and i just saw him in concert a couple weeks ago and he sang very nicely… for your information


  4. taj mahal

    Great song, but i don’t understand the name of the song.


  5. hasseneJB

    guys,when rick ross is featering drake and chrisette something it’s gotta be a great song


  6. hugs

    dat sounds NOTHING like Chrisette Michele


  7. RP24

    Kevin, for your information, Drake’s not even using autotune. Listen to T-Pain if you want autotune, who can actually sing without it. Drake can sing exactly like this because I’ve been to his concerts and he’s an amazing singer. Free Tunechi@


  8. chris2fly

    dis go hard


  9. charles

    sick sound


  10. candi09100

    thank u jeff 4 spellin tht out. Drake is a really good singer


  11. Trey



  12. Deuce

    @ kevin -Sorry to say but thats actually Drake singing not AutoTune.

    Nice Song Great feeling to it


  13. AT

    Don’t get me wrong, i love drake, i bought TML, but am i the only one who thinks that he is useless on the track. He makes it disjointed and adds nothing. Now if he was rapping a verse this track would of been insane.


  14. BKfromTX

    Wow…you guys. Even those of you who accuse others of not knowing how auto-tune works clearly don’t. Probably 100% of artists use auto-tune or a like-software to perfect their voices both on recordings and at live performances. Only when you use it “incorrectly” does it make your voice sound like T-Pain. Now, I’m not saying Drake can’t sing, all I’m saying is that yes, him, Ross and Chrisette are ALL using auto-tune on that track. Please don’t be so ignorant and broadcast it to the whole internet, @Deuce @RP24, etc.


  15. sgio

    very sad that drake work with snitch!!!!!!!!!


  16. Spoken One

    ^ignorant azz typical monkey!^ Reason why murder is so high in urban communities and on the rise…the snitch mentality is old please grow the fvck up and do something good for ur community.

    Lets see if U still have that way of thinking when your mother or another family members brains are splatter on the side walk dumb azz!



    @AT I agree with you. Drake shouldve had a verse.


  18. Nathan

    Taj- To answer your question Aston Martin Music is the Music you play in your Aston Martin When you and your Boo are Cruzin Down The Freeway with the Top down and Chillin….


  19. Rhashon

    drake and rick is the best


  20. mat

    rick ross is nice


  21. roxanne

    i love this song


  22. G-Man

    Drake can actually sing, if you like his voice.. Its his rap voice I have a problem with. He sounds like he just hit puberty and is suffering from a bad cold as well when he raps.


  23. RUSS

    Chrisette makes this song what it is …hot


  24. Ayo'Lexx

    We Got Some Hateinn Ass People IN Diss WORLD!! Whichh Need To Stop.


  25. Selena&Dominque

    This song is awesome…I kant stop replaying it!!!Good job guys!!!-love you Dom!!!<3


  26. tiyaa

    this shxt be riddin’. it got a lot of meaning to it & this was one of potty songs. iloveyhu, R.I.P Ira Potty Mack!


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