M.I.A. Shoots ‘XXXO’ Video on Flip Cam


Hype Williams may be accustomed to large budgets and state-of-the-art equipment, but when you’re working with M.I.A., expect the unexpected. The Sri Lankan artist is mixing in the director’s scenes for her music video with footage she shot on her personal Flip cam.

M.I.A. explained why the video for her single “XXXO” has yet to debut. “When I leave here, I’m gonna work on the ‘XXXO’ video,” she told fans during a chat organized by 102.7 KIIS FM on Tuesday. “I had to go and shoot it last night to get some extra footage.”

But instead of calling on Hype to direct the additional visuals, she took matters into her own hands. “I had to reshoot the video on a Flip, so I’m gonna edit in some Hype Williams footage and some Flip footage, and you guys can check out the video really soon,” she said. “I’ve been sort of animating and shit and stuff.”

In addition to finishing her video, M.I.A. will headline HARD with supporting acts Rye Rye, N.E.R.D., Major Lazer, and more in Los Angeles on July 17 and New York on July 24.

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  1. Dave

    dead. She betta do her thang. This’ll be interesting.


  2. ANgry Fan


    She’s a mess and that’s why i love her


  3. will

    How is the quality on a flip cam and what will she be filming on there? herself?


  4. Ricky

    Sounds like it could be a hot mess. But she has a way of making cheap things interesting.


  5. Geoff

    Don’t over do it girl, please! Just let the man do his thing…


  6. Tia-Bia

    It seems like she’s trying to appear as “broke” as possible. Her baby daddy is the son of a billionaire! Lol having money isn’t a crime Maya. People won’t hate you if you spent a little.


  7. BowChickaWahWah



  8. nemo

    now that’s an artist.
    plus does it matter if you the video is sucky, if your a fan you won’t care.


  9. ~AalexisR~ The Summer King (The Bahamas)

    Flips shoot in HD so we’ll see lol.


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