Preview Dondria’s Debut Album ‘Dondria vs. Phatfffat’

Jermaine Dupri, Johnta Austin, Bryan-Michael Cox, and Dondria herself speak about the making of the So So Def singer’s debut album Dondria vs. Phatfffat, in stores August 17. Plus, get a first listen to some new songs including “Makin’ Love,” the 50 Cent-sampled “No More,” and “Can You Help Me.”

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  1. ANgry Fan

    this album sounds like it will be the shit!

    Good job, bringing good ol’ r&b in all that euro/dance trash mess.



    I will be downloading “Your The One” and “Can You Help Me” the rest is just mehh [Kanye Shrug]

    PS Does anyone else think Can You Help Me sounds like a Keyshia Cole song?


  3. pjayy

    love the songs….hate the cover


  4. Lukas

    damn, for sure this will be THE shit. loved all the songs!


  5. will

    Wow she sampled 50 cents 21 questions. idk bout that.


  6. Dillon_68

    That “Makin’ Love” is something serious, wow! And 21 Questions is one of my favorites of all time, she did the sample justice! Dondria surprised me with these preview tracks, because I wasn’t gonna give this album a chance based off the cover, lol.


  7. a what!!

    @ pjayy…for real dat title and cover r weird…but im likin wut im hearin, but wuts crazy is da album is comin out the same day as basic instinct, so despite ciara trying to get out of competition with katy perry she now in competition with dondria…but ciara might jus win


  8. BowChickaWahWah

    The album cover and name makes sense if you followed her on Youtube. The computer screen is obvious. Phatttfat was her Youtube username. Dondria is her real name. The food, like the gummy worms and Reeses, are foods that she would eat before she started singing (because homegirl was always eating on camera lmao).


  9. tae

    stfu they both can be winners if they both do good and it is not all about first week sales it is the overall sales that matter.


  10. Phoenix_Wright

    sounds promising so far

    No More sounds great, only thing is I was thinking about 21 questions while listening (which wasn’t bad either, but you get the point).


  11. Raven

    I just can’t get over that fact that she’s older than me but she still reminds me of a 16 year old .. So she needed to have gotten a better album cover (I know she was discovered on youtube! i got it ) but to see this and hear songs entitled “Makin’ Love” is like …. ? I did like the song “You’re The One” .. idk whether or not i’ll buy thee album though .. Sorry !


  12. niCK

    album in stores AUG 17TH


  13. Monique

    love her m goin to get dat she has a voice nd if cant nobody c dat SHID SOM WRONG WIT YO ASS ND EARS


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