Eminem Goes Platinum with ‘Recovery,’ The-Dream Debuts in Top 5

Eminem and The-Dream

In a day and age when artists can barely go gold, Eminem’s latest album has already been certified platinum in two weeks.

Recovery, the rapper’s seventh studio LP, tops the Billboard 200 albums chart for a second straight week selling 313,000 copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan. The album’s sales total 1.1 million copies in the U.S. since its release two weeks ago.

Drake claims the runner-up position as his debut album Thank Me Later comfortably sits at No. 2 in its third week with 105,000 units sold, down 33% from the previous week.

The-Dream’s Love King opens at No. 4 with 58,000. Despite being the final album in his Love trilogy, it sold less in its first week than its predecessors, 2009′s Love vs. Money (No. 2, 151,000) and 2007′s Lovehate (No. 30, 59,000).

On the Digital Songs chart, Eminem and Rihanna’s “Love the Way You Lie” holds strong at No. 1 for a second week with 280,000 downloads, while Kanye West’s new single “Power” debuts at No. 14 with 80,000.

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  1. shu

    Eminem is the fucking best!

    the album is a m a z i n g!


  2. Bizzy G.

    Eminem did it again he defiantly deserved it though certified platinum in two weeks it’s insane glad to have you back Em!


  3. Pinoy

    Yup if Em keeps the level like on Recovery and stays out of drugs he will be raps MVP again.


  4. jerry

    yeah em is a bad mutherfucker,, sober or not


  5. jerry

    he will always be raps mvp.. ? lol, sober or on drugs that man knows the game


  6. Toya

    Em definitely deserves that platinum record status. Recovery is amazing. I really hope he continues to make albums for a long time. Music needs every genius it can get.


  7. findthelove

    Yes, but who was the young rapper in 2008 that sold a million units in its first week? lil wayne, that’s who.


  8. wutZ

    When lil wayne went plat the first week, times were different. Lil wayne cant go plat first week these days.


  9. Mike

    Lil Wayne won’t ever sell a million in one week again, trust me.

    Eminem + Jay-Z are the only rappers right now that i can see even selling over 500,000 copies in one week, possibly even Kanye but we’ll see.


  10. LOL


    You forgot TI. And this should be evidence enough for the Dream to just hang it up. Go back to producing because NO ONE wants to hear him sing. IMO wayne can go platinum in a week again if the album is good enough. I dont kno why ppl are still bitter about that.


  11. LOL

    I dont kno why people are still madd about wayne’s sales. Just get over it yall cuz if you dont buy his stuff then white people will.


  12. bodacious

    good job eminem, you did it again and you have still got more to bring to the front of the line.


  13. Infinte Jay Jay

    Recovery was nothing amazing and it was half decent in my opinion, but it on surprise that he sold that much people(Em fans) blindly buy his music.


  14. BowChickaWahWah

    Drake could probably pull 500K in his first week, too, when his next CD comes out. Seeing how amazing his debut did.

    Lol @ The-Dream. Chile…


  15. who better

    This is for wutz eminem sold over a million first week with the eminem show album his third and before that the Marshall Matthews lp his second. Wayne nice doe but records sell eminem always more then any of them


  16. ponyo

    so drake hasn’t sold a million yet…did i get that right


  17. Sweet

    @MIKE you said only jay and em and kanye can go gold first week Yur wrong So Can T.I. actually T.I can sell more than jay for your info Jay diddnt even crack gold first week he sold 4 something google it, maybe wayne can go gold i dont see him goin plat in a week again, so can kanye but will see.


  18. GeeGee

    Congratulations The-Dream. You’re finally getting some credibility!



    slim shady is the best……………..
    recovery is an amazing album
    i totally love it………………….


  20. someone

    Why are idiots even mentioning Lil Wayne? Who cares if he went platinum in one week, 2 years ago. That album was terrible and rode on the success of the single, “Lollipop”, whereas Recovery is brilliant. Besides, have you wankers forgotten Eminem’s “The Marshall Mathers LP” sold 1.79 million copies in it’s first week in the US alone and has now got diamond status? Lil Wayne’s albums might go platinum in 1 week but they stop selling after about the second week. Fuck Lil Wayne and fuck anyone who even brings his name into this forum. It’s irrelevant.


  21. Kaycee

    men, i won’t lie. I think ppl are mostly buying Eminem in sentimental loyalty. I haven’t seen anything to match Encore’s ‘Mosh’ from his singles. Not saying he ain’t bad, nigha is the baddest since Pac, but he hasn’t brought it all the way with this one. Love him though.


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