New Music: Rick Ross f/ Jay-Z & John Legend – ‘Free Mason’

Rick Ross and Jay-Z

Rick Ross and Jay-Z spark more Illumaniti debate with their Inkredibles-produced collaboration “Free Mason” from Teflon Don, but Jay is quick to distance himself from the secret society, rapping, “I said I was amazing, not that I’m a mason” and “I’m on my third six, but a devil I’m not.”

The Bawse tagged along Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 tour and got him to record his verse while on the road. “Me and Jay on the same record, of course we lyrically murdered it,” he told, “But the content and certain things we both address is gonna make this record one to remember for many years to come.”

Download: Rick Ross f/ Jay-Z & John Legend – “Free Mason” [CDQ]

Audio via YouHeardThatNew

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  1. James

    Idc what Jay says, he’s one of my favorite rappers, but this dude is a mason. He still had a dope verse, unlike Rick Ross. I guess the Illuminati know we’re onto them


  2. sarah




  3. Dante

    Ross is comin HARD. this album is shaping up to be CLASSIC. damn. from Super High, to Live Fast Die Young, Maybach Music 3, Free Masons

    Teflon Don>>>>Thank me Later


  4. ponyo

    it is wht is stop with all the demonic videos…rickross i used to like him but he phony and he sound like he tryna sound like biggie


  5. Chris G



  6. Joyams

    I don’t get why Ross has so many haters, because he is for sure one of the best out. His songs are always goin hard. Whatever…


  7. Phoenix_Wright

    buh bye illminati believers who try to link Hov & artist into it =P


  8. LAD



  9. Weezy

    lil wayne shits on jay z …wait till Carter 4


  10. kmmmim

    This nigga Rick Ross has classic features and productions on this album. Who woulda thought Teflon Don was gonna be this hard.


  11. @realfredjones

    Y’all can argue all you want, but the truth is Jay-Z is a much higher caliber lyricist & Ross is also talented in he booth. the bottom line is that Wayne wants to be aspires to be like Jigga & theres no way he’d b better than Wayne. No homo.


  12. Raffi



  13. @803blu

    Don’t be fooled by a man’s lying lips that big. a man would do anything to cover his name, and mess up the $$$ flow. Jigga u done f*** up we done caught on…. the only reason ur first album was hot because all ur samples was of good old school music that the young kids neva heard Wikipedia reasonable doubt every song is.a sample ur garbage dude…… u stole ur style from az!! I’m from s.c. and we don’t even bump s.c. (shawn carter) music dwn here….. ain’t no love for u in the south take that money talk to st. Thomas or sandro pe island island that u all talkin bout matter a fact that it over to Europe and get they money cuz we ain’t supportin. I dare u to drop and album now or next year and watch ur album FLOP!!! #killuminintic 2pac was right! Neva get to big for the chair u thought u have made……


  14. kmmmim

    ^^^ WTF is all that shit. Jay-Z gets mad love in the south! I live in the south so I would know.

    This is whats wrong with you motherfuckas now. You believe everything you read on the internet.

    I dont give a shit about the man personal life, Dont care about what his beliefs and what he do and do not worship. If the man makes good music, then thats all that matters to me. You dummies get so caught up in other shit. Enjoy the music or NOT and move on!!!!!!!


  15. @803blu

    Youtube jay-z song the originators st8 mason video hands dwn!!! *Look and look @the star upside dwn st8 mason hands dwn *look @ president Obama’s forehead closely their a number 6 on the front forehead and on the left and right temple there’s a 6 =666. *Look @ all the dark videos coming out now black iz all Shawn carter wears *not just Google maps but Google maps LIVE!! Obama was also trying to get Lebron to play for the Chicago bulls but also @the same time build a peace treaty with Israel = Is real (the holy land) fulfilling the book of Revelation. #thendisnigh #repentantnow!! #getsave


  16. Kyl

    ^^^ Jay-Z gets much love in the south. Im in the south so I know.

    This track is 1 of the hottest that I have heard this year in HipHop. John Legend vocals are amazing.

    And you people are so stupid with this freemason and illumilati stuff. What an artist does with their personal life is their BUSINESS. Who cares what his religion is, who cares what his beliefs are… Enjoy the music or NOT and move on.

    You pathetic lames get caught up in all this extra stuff.


  17. CB Lawste like Gnauze

    ^lol, you caught feelings like a bitch.


  18. cubevision

    jay-z is a don


  19. Andrey Luiz Of Brazil

    Jay-Z King of Hip-Hop??

    Tupac God of Hip-hop


  20. Noi

    Coz jay-z says it on one track you believe him ? after all the other tracks he said it he only defends himself now


  21. MOEEE

    Who cares what Jay does in his personal life? If he is in the illuminati or a free mason, its not any of my concern. You people get caught up in so much extra stuff. Enjoy the music or not and move on!


  22. Maggie

    Pretty sure Jay-Z gets love everywhere.

    I’m also from the south–Texas, one of the biggest southern stereotypes.


  23. Nonreligious, But I see His Devil

    Well damn.
    I guess if I rob a person’s house behind their back and then say that I didn’t do it, I’m telling the Truth.
    I guess all those Murderers out there, who say they are not Guilty, are telling the Truth.
    Or how bout those guys on maury povich? lol
    So when it all comes down to it…Jay is telling the Truth. He’s not a Mason. (I mean, he really is not, cause Real Masons are Gone, now Illuminated)
    He’s not keeping One Eye Open like CBS.
    He’s not the reason for people being manipulated to live like occultist Sun Worshipers, that through up a Triangle shaped Diamond in the air that is really a Pyramid. (With his EYE in the Middle like His precious dollar)
    He’s not having people ware Skull and Cross Bones on their shirts that don’t know their Evil meaning and the Death toll of the True Skulls they dessicated.
    He’s not saying that hell doesn’t exist, so no matter what he does, he’s doing nothing wrong.

    Yeah. He’s as good as they come.
    Let’s just let all the lil Kiddies follow his way.
    There’s no need to protest against Evil people.
    The world is just Fine in it’s rotting state, I guess.

    Guess it’s cool to get a Chip now and not care about the Poor, sense it’s all in their heads…Though they were born Poor.

    Poor Poor Earth
    I guess Evil’s the New Good and Good is the New Evil? Just like 30′s the new 20. Changing everything in your face.

    I guess if people like being fooled and making them Richer (To fulfill their Goal), there’s no reason to stop it.

    Yeah…that’s it.

    Lots of Atheist’s lately…Now who’s to say what’s Right or Wrong if ya Don’t Believe in God (Good)?

    Forgive the unseeing eyes. Please?

    From: One who Is Awake.
    Not Materialistic, so I have no Reason to hate.
    It’s just sad to Know My Family’s Fate.
    If ya haven’t Chose ya Path…Too Late

    But..I Still Love All.
    Just Playing my Part…Like He


  24. 803blu

    @Nonreligious, But I see His Devil u got my props I’m happy to c someone’s eyes open besides mines.


  25. 0ver

    lol @ people who think the illuminati or the freemasons have any power over anything.


  26. JPZ

    Yo 803—Can you show me how to Dougie??? Really??? Jay aint hot in the south huh??? Yeah all that money talk takes up time when you could be showing people how to Dougie! WTF is goin on in the world


  27. Fool

    This song is so fresh the album really is shaping up 2 be a classic


  28. rafeek


    i love you from EGYPtE


  29. Cassive

    Blueprint 3, Thank Me Later, Teflon Don, Good Ass Job and just to make my year… THA CARTER IV, I cannot wait for that album.






    I have attempted to Add my Last Comment, yet as Usual..
    It was Suddenly Stopped

    Thanks Anyway.



    SO much for Freedom of Speech. lol

    One part was: It’s been told for Ages.
    The Net is the New Place.



    Jay-z will always be jay. I beliv he has made his choice (he is a MASON!).Music is music if you don’t love skip the track.



    JAY-Z has some fake colours in his shadow.


  35. Fan Ov A Fan

    jay z finally said that his not a “freemason”
    because i was getting sick of the rumours saying that he is!!


  36. Ale



  37. jk



  38. mmph.

    @ Over.
    maybe you should do research. if you actually researched the illuminati, you would realize that all the collected information is too much in depth to be fake. that is not the only reason why i believe the illuminati is real, it’s because it’s pretty evident in the music industry AND in politics.
    i laugh at you because you are ignorant and oblivious to what is going on in the world at this moment…


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  40. mhk

    u move like a dog,act like a dog chances are that u are a dog,its high tym u open yo eyes.


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