T.I. Impressed by Chris Brown’s Acting

T.I. and Chris Brown

T.I. stars alongside seasoned actors including Matt Dillon, Idris Elba, and Zoë Saldana in next month’s action-packed thriller Takers, but it was acting newcomer Chris Brown who took him by surprise.

“Chris was cool, man. I think Chris gonna impress a lot of people,” Tip told Power 106′s Luscious Liz of his on-screen co-star. “He does a lot of high performance, action sequences. He shows his ability. I think people will actually be pleasantly surprised with his performance.”

The superstars not only worked together on the big screen, but also collaborated on music before T.I. went to jail. “We did records together before I went in,” he revealed.

The King of the South would be open to future collaborations with the singer, who has been in the studio with Drake and Keyshia Cole lately. “I don’t see why not,” said Tip. “As long as the appropriate opportunity presents itself and the song [is right], I don’t see why not. I ain’t against that.”

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  1. dj

    1st!!…Cant wait till it comes out


  2. GangsterA

    They both rocks cant wait for there albums esp t.i.


  3. kani k.

    haha both cute


  4. okay

    okay tip i be waiting patiently for that collabo


  5. Rhino

    Looks like y’all are finally starting to forgive CB…four comments and no mention of his you-know-what with you-know-who. He’s honestly remorseful of what he’s done, and is now looking to make his life better, needing all the help he can get.

    Major props to Tip right there…he knows what it’s like to try to regain favor in other folks’ eyes, so it’s good to see he’s helping him out.


  6. Jarvis



  7. gd

    the cb drake colab needs to come out


  8. anonymous

    @Jarvis – I was waiting on that one! lol


  9. sierra aka cbe

    @jarvis theres always one who has to be a asshole, cnt wait to see cb and t.i in one movie together


  10. Trey

    I knew it was coming soon.
    Can’t wait to see the movie
    and a CB/TI collabo would be fire.


  11. letskeepitmovin

    wow i didnt know chris beatagirldown brown aka chris the ironfist brown aka breezy slapeezy could act


  12. caroline

    I am excited to see Chris and TI in Takers. I thought Chris acted pretty well in This Christmas.


  13. CLR

    No surprise..have y’all seen “This Christmas”? He did a great job in that movie too. He actually could be a great actor. I’m tired of the references to Rihanna. He is not the only celebrity to have been a part of a domestic violence case but he is the only one to be taking high flack. Until the system treats others who do the same crime equally I will continue to support him to the fullest. I could argue why but that would open a non-ending and pointless battle. So I regress.


  14. Maggie



  15. Curtis

    LOL Maggie.


  16. X,Y,"and Z"

    @Maggie July 9th, 2010 @4:19pm — “He beat a woman! No this is not forgivable wtf is wrong with you people?!”

    So Maggie, tell us, just-how-long should we “NOT forgive” and “NOT-move forward”? But it seems “forgiveness and redemption” are lofty ideals, grated-solely based-on “color-of-skin”: “Charlie’knife-a-bitch’Sheen” and “Mel’Lethal-Weapon’Gibson”.

    Mel Gibson recently not-only-was-heard making racist/anti-semitic remarks/rants ON TAPE, but he CAN be then-heard, ADMITTING-TO knocking-the-teeth out-of-the-mouth, of HIS Child’s Mother; WHILE, I-should-add, she-held-said ‘infant-child’ in-HER-arms …!!

    When YOU can explain, why Charlie Sheen has been doing “that-very-same-misogyny, FOR DECADES” and he’s-yet-today a “Golden Globe Winner” and is TV’s HIGHEST-PAID ACTOR, THEN come-back and rethink/restate your self-righteous drivel!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT …!!!


  17. CLR

    If you don’t forgive you yourself can’t be forgiven. As much as it may pain one to forgive we must. We don’t have to forget but we must forgive.

    His behavior is inexcusable but a wrong is a wrong, regardless of severity. Society and humanity equates the severity but in the end a wrong is a wrong.


  18. Destiny Chick

    I’m not surprised this Rihanna fansite, Rapp-up.com, didn’t post the news that Rihanna has cancelled more dates for her flopping tour.


  19. roxanne

    Destiny Chick

    so Rap-up is a “rihanna fansite” because they didnt report on the negative aspects of rihannas tour…dat sounds like something a delusional female punchingbag cb stan u are… if u wanna hate on rihanna take that over at That Grape Juice with all the other haters…this aint da site to do it…Dis is a MUSIC NEWS website NOT a BLOG


  20. letskeepitmovin

    Destiny Chick

    So Rap-up is a “rihanna fansite” because they didnt post news on her cancelled tour dates…spoken from a true hater…u can take ur hateration somewhere else because this is a MUSIC NEWS SOURCE website NOT a BLOG…silly delusional cb stans


  21. JD

    yea his crying bit really had me in stitches


  22. ...

    charlie sheen never presented himself as this innocent good boy. he never marketed himself to teens and kids. everybody knows exactly who charlie sheen is because he’s been the same drug addicted a-hole for decades. when he acts a fool, there’s no surprise.

    chris brown (and tiger woods for that matter) presented themselves in the mold of the clean, family friendly good guy and the disconnect between their image and their reality is what people are holding against them, IMO.

    i personally dislike chris, tiger, mel, charlie, and any other entitled unrepentant fame ho who thinks they DESERVE to be a millionaire. i’m also not a rihanna stan, so *shrugs*.


  23. ...

    in terms of cancelled dates, rihanna isn’t the only artist in music that’s had to cancel. lilith fair, jonas brothers, american idol, a few country music festivals, drake, U2, etc. have all cancelled dates this year. between high ticket prices (the economy sucks) and trying to fill too large arenas, it’s no wonder they’re cancelling.


  24. shygirl

    Chris Brown will never change! I really liked him until the real him came out..Then when I saw him on the Music Award I believe it was..He was trying to be “The One And Only Micheal Jackson”..You really need to give it up…There’s only one”KING OF POP”..No one could come even close to “MICHEAL”We love you…MICHEAL>>>>FOREVER YOUR MEMORY WILL LIVE>>>


  25. dan

    y do all of u get so irrelevant with these comments…damm


  26. B.A.Mami

    @shygirl aint no one trying to be MJ he was only 1 person and will never be duplicated Chris was never trying to be MJ at the awards he doing a tribute to him smfh ppl with their ignorance.

    anyway can’t wait til Takers comes to theaters


  27. nini

    oooooooooo i love both man ………..chris do your thing man……….cannt wait to see takers.


  28. gosa

    chris dont stop …………..keep your head up<<<<<<<<<<<<<i love you.you are the best


  29. MusicAddictz

    forgive just don’t forget


  30. So What

    So what he cried, he cried because he couldnt get record sales and his career is failing. Forgiven or not, his record sales will be the answer. Just because other celebs forgive him doesnt mean the main stream buying public will. A mixtape is free. People keep talking about forgiveness, that doesnt mean crap if his sales are in the toilet. The MJ tribute was a major, epic fail because it was all about Chris Brown with his controversy.


  31. mel

    People that say chris browns record sales flopped shud just stop there. In the first week his album came out it reached number 7 in the top 100. Then as companies stopped selling the album ovi its gnna flop…Not because people didn’t buy it but because it wasn’t sold.


  32. mel

    sorry i was meant 2 write top 200 not 100


  33. mike k


    HIS RECORD SALES DID FLOPP…the rank on top 100 doesn’t matter…you could rank number 1 with 89,000…its the actual sales and he sold 102 489 in his first week which is FlOP…ur probably right about the companies part but the fact is that he flopped his first week…not bein a hater jus given da facts


  34. Maggie

    I don’t like Charlie Sheen or Mel Gibson. They’re both assholes. Awww he said he’s sorry. Let’s kiss him on the head and send him on his way.


  35. Lisa

    Tip is soooo fione! I couldn’t help but to think Tip was talking about Breezy’s acting during his BET Awards performance.


  36. sydney

    -I think people have forgiven Chris and the law has too because they kept his ass outta jail. If any regular dude beat on a woman like that he would be in prison and you know it. He pissed me off when he started crying like a lil’ bitch at the BET awards during MJ’s tribute too. People who knew MJ since he was 10 got on stage and managed to talk about him and perform without crying because it wasn’t about them it was about Michael Jackson’s legacy.
    -As far as the music goes, cuz this IS about the music, his last record Graffiti sucked and nobody bought it.
    -Weather you like him or not his career is over and he did it to himself.


  37. mike k

    “If any regular dude beat on a woman like that he would be in prison and you know it.”

    And that’s exactly why alot of people hated him…but dats old news…anyways lookin forward to the movie


  38. cindy


    Chris Brown defended himself- Rhianna was the violent one. stop being bias, if the shoe was on your feet how would you react, and would u have asked for forgiveness?


  39. ***

    I see many haters love to check for CB, it’s like yall wait around to see if Rap Up is going to add an article about him doing whatever. Do yall just hate on him, or is it other people on the site yall just choose to hate on? I see a couple of comments talking about if a regular guy had of done what he did, they will be in prison right now, that’s a damn lie! A friend of mines boyfriend beat her up a hell of alot worse than what CB did, he only got probation and anger management and he had been trouble before. Yall just don’t like Chris Brown, so you are going to say whatever to make him seem like a horrible person, yall need to get a life and move the fuck on. Yall eat, sleep, and shit Chris Brown (the haters).


  40. Sweet

    T.I. 500-700 k king uncaged first week


  41. manny man

    CB is one talented guy, he can sing, dance, write music, act, hell do a little rapping. I’m not going to hate on dude like I see alot of people doing. I also see quite a few guys hating on him, which I’m going to say I don’t understand why? I have not treated women with the upmost respect, they have not treated me with the upmost respect, in all ways. So, no, as a dude, I’m not going to judge CB like I see others doing. This is a guy I’m not ashamed to say I support, and hope he bounces back. I’m going to see the movie when it comes out, forget the rest.





  43. dude

    I agree with @ ***, manny man, and JAYMAIN, its ridiculous, I do believe alot of these people/haters or whatever, just sit around all day and wait for something to come up about Chris rather it be good or bad. I’m not ashamed to say I support him either, I agree manny man, this is one dude that can’t judge him either, I have made plenty mistakes, plus the guy is talented, can’t judge him for his personal life. I’m sure all these people that constantly hate and judge him aren’t living right themselves.


  44. arie

    I agree with the three above me and @ ***. For people that call themselves hating CB, they worry about him more than anything it seems like. They still want to bring up him crying talking about it being fake, funny the Executive/Producer, Stephen Hill, of the BET Awards said that the performance was good and genuine and he was backstage and didn’t see him put eyedrops in his eyes. I wish these people would move on and let him be. I’m there when the movie comes out, me and my friends have already made it a night out!


  45. sweet kinda



  46. yo

    X Y “and Z” You go girl (or guy)! That is so true! I wish I could thumbs up that comment


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