Diana Ross Dishes Advice to T.I.

Diana Ross and T.I.

It’s not every day a showbiz veteran dishes advice. So when the legendary Diana Ross offered some words of wisdom to T.I., he took heed.

The rapper has remained tight-lipped when the topic of marriage comes up, preferring to keep his relationship with longtime girlfriend Tameka “Tiny” Cottle private. “Why offer people the opportunity to have an opinion about something they shouldn’t have an opinion about?” he asked Power 106′s Luscious Liz.

Tip, who starred in 2006′s ATL alongside Ross’ son Evan Ross, revealed that it was Evan’s mother who told him to keep his personal life private. “One thing Diana Ross told me, she said you’ve got to keep something to yourself,” he shared. “I just feel like that’s something private, that’s between us.”

One thing T.I. has no problem discussing is his new album King Uncaged, which has been moved from August to a September 28 release date.

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  1. Trey

    Is this confirmation that Tiny & Toya isnn’t coming back for a third season?


  2. Marie

    Tiny & Toya isn’t coming back for a 2nd season. Tip says he didn’t put the sqaush on that but we all know thats not true. Toya is getting her own spin off….which probably no one will watch. Tiny don’t care though, I’m sure she’s straight. And they are getting married this month I believe.


  3. MoreThanATool

    that show was bullshit anyways. Reality TV fucking sucks


  4. ...

    See, this is why I can’t mess with him much these days. Weak leaked material and he just showed himself to be an insecure punk by making Tiny get off the show. It was a fun, positive little show that showed both ladies in a mostly good light, so what was the harm? He didn’t have to be included or shown on camera — he was in prison for a good duration of the show, so it’s not like this is the Osbournes and both are featured prominently, for example. The only time he was even on the show was the finale at the cancer benefit and one episode where he sent Tiny a lot of gifts/flowers. He just doesn’t want Tiny to have anything on her own and to get some shine because he thinks she’ll leave him.


  5. bigboy22

    bitch ass tip


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