Video: Jason Derulo – ‘What If’

Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo tugs at the heartstrings in the mini-movie for “What If,” the latest single from his self-titled debut album. The R&B crooner plans to propose to his girlfriend, but what happens when fate takes an ugly turn?

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  1. Nick

    Why is it that Black male artists always have some White or Latina girl as the lead girl? No offense. I’m just curious why a Black girl is never suitable..


  2. mike k

    oh so cheesy…


  3. dillon_68

    I love the concept of this.


  4. JD

    Unoriginal and lame


  5. chris



  6. Lisa

    He really should’ve had a dark-skinned woman play the lead. At least they would match.


  7. Trey

    for all the comments above, remember Jason Derulo is a generic pop artist.
    I mean, his songs don’t even get play on urban formats and he wasn’t even nominated for Best New Artist at the BET Awards. Bieber is more R&B than he is.

    Derulo’s next album should go urban and he needs to stop jackin’ CBreezy’s MJ swag.


  8. sagb

    i like it..


  9. ugh

    there is no way he just plain ol ran to save the girl. this is jasonnnnn derulooooaaaoaoooaoooooooo were talking about! he would have did a black flip, triple twist in the air, sachay, an ridiculously annoying falsetto and then moonwalked to save the girl.
    this guy is just so terrible. i mean if he wasnt so extreme and excessive he might be okay but i just cant with his antics.


  10. Annon

    all you haters, remember Jason is getting paid! so shame on u, u poor broke as* b*tches!~!!


  11. yoko

    becuz black girls arent as pretty as white n are but way too few..1 in a million


  12. Karen

    Trey, you really don’t know what you are talking.How can you possibly compare J.D. with these people?!First of all why wasn’t it said that Chris copied Michael’s style and Usher also did.The fact is Jason is his own person and he’s here to stay!!And anyway, why did you google Jason when you don’t like him?You are really making a fool of yourself!!


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