Video: When Pharrell Was 17


Before Pharrell became a multi-platinum producer and N.E.R.D. frontman, Skateboard P was an outcast in high school who popped Slurpees with his fellow N.E.R.D. Shae and Clipse’s Pusha T, idolized Rakim and A Tribe Called Quest, stole Chicken McNuggets from McDonald’s, and played “Bonita Applebum” in the marching band. MTV gives us a look into his past for “When I Was 17.”

Video via Mr. World Premiere

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  1. h e r n a m e i s j a e l a n i

    Pharrell was fresh when he was 17.


  2. a n o n

    LOL pharrell’s funny :)
    i like him.

    bonita applebaum say u gotta put me on. bonita. bonita. bonita (8)


  3. ashley

    I love Pharrell Williams.


  4. Nicole

    haha Pharrell is so cute and sweet love him. LOL about him stealing McNuggets but i have to agree they are banging and so good


  5. ms_ta_ta

    and this is exactly why i am in love with this man….I <3 nerds….lol


  6. hey jo

    he just look the same


  7. Hena

    Verrrry nice this vid ;)


  8. Patricia

    WoW, he’s hardly aged in 20 years…phenomenal.


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