Lil’ Kim Serves Up Her Milkshake, Offers Support to Lindsay Lohan

Lil' Kim

Lil’ Kim whipped up her very own milkshake to mark her 35th birthday at Millions of Milkshakes in West Hollywood on Sunday (July 11). The Queen Bee, who spent her own time behind bars, also weighed in on Lindsay Lohan’s 90-day jail sentence. “There’s a lot of bigger fish to be fried when it comes to the justice system,” she shared. “Lindsay, she’s my friend and I will be there for her and I will help her. I love you, Linds.”

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  1. sarah

    Queen Bee Forever!


  2. MOEEE

    Her Face looks like brunt plastic!

    And I dont understand, Why wait until someone gets in trouble and then want to help them. You should have been trying to help her get help when she was drunk & high off drugs all the time.


  3. Jor

    her face looks like it hurts #thatisall


  4. BX!!!!

    Her face looks stiff.


  5. [email protected]

    @ MOEEE – Your An Idiot ( I WONDER HOW YOU LOOK

    First You Can Only Help Those Who Want To Be Helped..

    Second… I Don’t See You Or Your Face Making Milk Shakes To Help Haiti

    Third – Why Is Hip Hop So Hateful? Madonna Has had #’s surgeries, Gaga, Janet has had it and countless others yet in Hip Hop your considered a reject/sell out…

    People have problems and im sure everyone has had issues with their self esteem in their life.. Its life.. The only difference is that you didn’t have the money to try and fix yours

    Get A Life!


  6. christopher stallings

    people did lil kim get work on her face because she look so different


  7. Sing-Sang

    She looks big


  8. MOEEE

    @ [email protected]

    Yea. Madonna, Gaga, Janet, and others did have surgery. But theirs do not look like something that was done in the ghetto slums of Queens. Lil Krim should ask for a refund because her face is F***ed up.

    And sweetie there is nothing wrong with my face. I dont need surgery.


  9. Teamnina

    She looks asian?


  10. Tom

    Lil Kim thats cool i will be your cream in an Oreo if you and your black hot lookin girlfriend wanna play.Hey your right Lindsay got it for no reason.Now originally 8 street lights gotta be more precautious.But for missin a damn stupid metting just payin someone with you as victem no.Now that girl just need sto keep precautious and hide the party in certain places.But its your God given right to party


  11. Teamnina

    Lindsay is a coke-whore. And she deserve those 90 days.


  12. WhatTheF



  13. Trey

    She was talkin all that ish before, now that Nicki said something at the BET Awards, why ain’t she talkin now?


  14. Teamnina

    Well she has 90 days to think about how pathetic she has been acting. Congrats to the judge


  15. lmao

    @ Trey

    Because she made a fool out of herself. Nicki ignored her and made Kim look like the bitter washedup childish filth that she is.


  16. Trey

    I was actually more embarrassed for Ray J. I mean Nicki had Drake to back her up. And she had Ray? All he can be referred to for now is Brandy’s lil brother. I bet she was shaking her head, she she know that the deal is!


  17. yuri

    i know her face has been changing (for worse) since the early 2000′s but is it just me or she’s been getting lighter (michael jackson style) too? she looks vietnamese or something now smh


  18. lmao

    @ Trey

    lol, no one even knows who RayJ is. He should worried about his non-existence singing career.


  19. Joyams

    Serving milkshake and hating on Nicki, that’s all u can do b*tch.


  20. truth718

    @lmao and trey!!! no1 knows who ray is but hes rich and get more pussy than all the males in ya family combine!!……and kim i love u can wait for the single!!


  21. mr

    @yuri michael jackson had vitiligo and thats old news do research first b4 u say sumthin uninformed lik dat about a dead legend


  22. CaliFan


    She’s amazing & gorgeous. I saw her up close yesteday.

    She is the Queen Bee for real! xoxo


  23. [email protected]

    @ Joyams – Dumb Ass She is serving milkshakes which benefits Haiti.. Besides I don’t see Nicki Minilli with a Milkshake..

    Nicki – I don’t see her ranked number 4 in sales as a female rap artist of all times.You kids these days are garbage. Learn your history _ This generation knows nothing.. I’m sure you think Diana Ross copied Beyonce. That R Kelly copied Songs..


  24. Infamous1



  25. Harvey

    Lil’ Kim please…I have a hard time believing that you and Lindsay Lohan are “friends”.


  26. lmao

    Go play in traffic and take lil kim monster face a** with you. No one cares what she sold. She is a has been that never was…


  27. mrs .king

    it was about time her scary ass did somethin


  28. True Blue

    She’s gone from being a black woman to an Asian drag queen… nice. Stay classy, Kim. At least Nicki still looks like a human (provided she doesn’t copy Lil’ Kim in EVERY aspect).


  29. ponyo

    i am a queen bee fan…after she goes thru something she messes with her face ….if she want people to take her seriously she need to stop… always


  30. JayCred

    She looks like a god damn cartoon chipmunk. I don’t know why she went and screwed her face up so much, she looked good before it!

    As for Lindsay, I don’t know how she went from the Parent Trap to getting thrown into jail.. whatever.


  31. yes

    Kim or Nicki, both look good depending on the angle. Both women were hot before they went under the knife.


  32. ...

    nicki isn’t exactly a beauty queen either with her plastic ass and messy hairline…


  33. Jarvis

    she has wayyy too much makeup on…lookin like bozo the clown. And idk y but i hate her hair she needs to switch it up


  34. Keri

    LIL’ KIM is the QUEEN OF HIP HOP!!!!!! Sorry Nicki fans, she has to get where Lil’ Kim has already been. THats why she is trying to be Lil’ Kim. Nicki has had just as much surgery in case you havent noticed.


  35. Tiffers

    Is she trying to look like janet jackson???


  36. Dizzle

    she looks soooooo FAKE tut tut too much face expirement :/


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