M.I.A.: ‘Nicki Minaj Runs Hip-Hop’

M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj

M.I.A. will be the first to tell you if she doesn’t like someone, just ask Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber. But luckily for Nicki Minaj, the outspoken artist has nothing but respect and admiration for her.

The omnipresent Minaj guests on the remix to M.I.A.’s /\/\/\Y/\ album cut “Teqkilla,” rapping, “Yo Maya, your shit is on fire.”

M.I.A. returned the compliment to her collaborator in an interview on 102.7 KIIS-FM’s “New Music Show.” “Nicki Minaj runs hip-hop,” she told DJ Skee of the Harajuku Barbie, whose debut album is due November 23.

She also shared why she thinks there’s so much buzz surrounding the Young Money femcee. “She works hard and that’s what it is. She’s focused and that’s good,” she explained. “It’s been a while since a female rapper has come up with that much… She’s got a really good work ethic, and I get her.”

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  1. carl



  2. GeeGee

    M.I.A. is a Minaj stan


  3. ciara101

    asdfjkjhdgdjajhzhs @ geegee lmaooo


  4. newii_babbii

    i iike ppl who is up front dnt got anything to say behind ppl back … cuz they say it up to there face …like me rite ..but i do i have a lot of respect for nicki minaj and her music ..cuz she got her own style ..


  5. Err...

    If it’s all about the hustle, then why isn’t Trina doing well? She’s been on her grind for ages. Trina more classy now and looks fly too. Trina still isn’t much of a lyricist, but neither is Minaj. Objectively, they’re even. Nicki is still young (relatively in Hip-Hop) so she might be slightly ahead.

    M.I.A. is being subjective. Nicki ain’t better than Trina or the others. She’s just riding on Wayne’s swagger and Kim’s Barbie image. That is why I don’t take M.I.A. seriously, and why people need to stop fawning over her just because she’s different.


  6. ...

    how is nicki minaj running hip hop? because she’s on everybody’s album? quantity =/= quality.


  7. [email protected]

    She hates Lady Gaga but loves Nicki (What sense does that make?) MIA Stick 2 Politics Because Jealousy Is Not Cute On You! Nicki is guilty of the same acts that you hate Lady Gaga for!


  8. myteeab

    nicki do run shit …….


  9. miguel

    i agree with M.I.A. because even though nicki is on a – million other peoples records that shows her work ethic . she runs hip hop at the moment because shes new & fresh , we got sick of Trina& lil Kim god forsaken ass so nicki minaj is representing the female aspect of the hip hop community


  10. [email protected]

    “Everybody’s doing R. Kelly and they’re winning with it, and he’s not.” Bangladesh

    Its not just R Kelly Its everyone… Nicki is running with Lil Kim’s image and style, Lady Gaga is running away with Madonna’s image and style , Songs is running away with R Kelly image.

    Its sad times in music right now.. Kids these days have no respect. Their followers show no respect for those except for the ones they follow.. Sad times


  11. jonny t

    gaga is jus a maddona wannabe, clear as day. an she looks like a dude. but yeh still would. as 4 nicki, her style is based on wayne when it comes to delivery, the way she cranks up her voice durin rymes, she will have her year on top but will drop fast!!!


  12. drizzysgirl

    @geegee so who cares I’m proud to say ima nicki minaj stan too


  13. Trey

    Finally something that makes sense coming out her mouth.


  14. jelise

    im just happy somebody aint bashing nicki again cuz i feel like she one of the most hated people in the entertainment business and always getiing talked about that & i will always be the one to stick up for her cuz i dont belive that right but love what m.i.a says about nicki and if nicki worksanything like wayne her work ethic is probably our the roof


  15. Gadjit

    I agree with Maya. Hip hop hasn’t another Unique Female Rapper that has put a lot work into her stuff. A lot of people say Nicki is just a kim rip of. Cause she has kim style

    Don’t be stupid yall, Fashion at this point is major everyone is dressing Crazzy.

    Do to gaga even blacks are stepping up their fashion style look at beyonce loil

    Look at nicki lyricly, she has her own style she’s silly with her shit. And its cute.

    Go maya for seen talent.


  16. Jor

    i love what she said! if you listen to interviews from ppl who Nicki has worked with they all say she has a crazy drive and work ethic. but we all know if you want a hit you have to talk to nicki, or rihanna


  17. BowChickaWahWah

    Go Nicki! Go Nicki!


  18. M.I.A. Talks Nicki Minaj | HipHopNews

    [...] RapUp // [...]

  19. JayElecIsKing

    Fuck that shit Nicki Minaj is nothin compared to any male or female rapper so how the fuck is she runnin hiphop? I can’t wait till someone comes along and destroys this Young Money rubbish.

    R.I.P. Real rap


  20. candi09100

    tht nice
    but how she gonna diss ladygaga nicki is said 2 be the “ladygaga” of rap


  21. Ignorance isn't always bliss.

    I don’t usually leave comments on blogs & stuff because most of the people giving their opinions are ignorant, but since Nicki has given us a release date for her album, I hope to cure some of this ignorance before then.

    People keep saying Nicki “swagger jacked” Lil Kim. Please tell me HOW? They certainly don’t rap the same way, Nicki toned down the sex lyrics; all Kim talked about was sex. B.I.G wrote Kim’s best lyrically substantial songs. Since he passed, they have not been up to par. Nicki obviously writes her own shit, if you pay attention to what she talks about you’ll know it’s 100% true.

    Nicki plays with her words, using catchy sayings to grab people’s attention because that’s what she needs right now – PEOPLE’S ATTENTION. She got this, so now she can say “hey! my album comes out November 23rd, check me out!”. As far as I’m concerned, the way she approached the music industry is genius. There hasn’t been this huge buzz about a female in a while.

    You might refer to the Lollipop picture and say that Nicki was trying to be Lil Kim. In a past interview, Nicki said: “Of course it pays homage to Kim…I look up to the main girls: Kim, Foxy, Remy, Lauryn Hill..Kim is an icon”. Please do research before you talk shit.

    You say Nicki’s delivery is annoying? It gets your attention doesn’t it? Back to one of my previous points. Nicki is new to mainstream, therefore she has to grasp her audience and build a platform for herself as an artist.

    You say Nicki is weak lyrically? NO. Pay attention to her lyrics. Her metaphors, punchlines & similes are creative. She is a creative genius. Sit down and try to understand instead of blowing it off because you don’t.

    Nicki works hard, she’ll win. Out.


  22. GangsterA

    Nicki rocks tell em them bitches (likt kim) that nicki said this we got tam tam over here biger than a monster


  23. Andarieg0



  24. esmiley

    nick ate M.I.A’s coochie. nicki aint runnin shit but her mouth around everybody’s girlfriends cootie cat. just because she raps like a chipmunk dont mean she run the rap game. nicki will tell u that her favorite rapper lilkim run this game.


  25. truth718

    yeah she runs rap..but what is rap these days? we are now half way through 2010! and it had to be atleast 30 rap albums released this year..and how many of those albums touch platinum status>?? let alone gold?? what 4 maybe 5!! smh!! rap isnt doing the numbers it did in 96,99, hell even 03!!


  26. Da Gent

    Haha ” Ignorance isn’t always bliss. ” your comment shits on everything and everyone that talks negative about nicki. love it.


  27. people make me sick

    @Ignorance isn’t always Bliss. You told nothing but the truth. I feel the exact same way. People always want to find an excuse for Nicki’s success. People are just damn sexist. That’s why I don’t like people. real recognize real


  28. &

    I see you truth718, and understand.


  29. Sadie

    Why does M.I.A. like Nicki but not Gaga?

    Because Nicki doesn’t take herself seriously at all and knows that she is a gimmick. Gaga on the other hand PRETENDS to be high-art and acts as though what she does has a special meaning or something, when in fact it’s just the same crap like everything else out there, except that it’s dressed up in an eccentric package.

    @ Gadjit:

    “Do to gaga even blacks are stepping up their fashion style look at beyonce loil”

    That is the most ignorant statement I have read yet. Have you ever heard of George Clinton? Bootsy Collins? Parliament Funk? Sly Stone? Grace Jones? Michael Jackson? Prince? Kelis even? Black people have been dressing eccentrically way before Gaga was a blip on anyone’s radar. Beyonce has been rocking the futuristic look since 2008, that’s before Gaga became huge. You must be 12 years old to be giving Gaga so much credit, she didn’t invent anything she’s doing. All she is is a Madonna ripoff, she is not original at all. Damn, Gaga fans really prove themselves to be ignorant.


  30. Joshayy

    Amanda Blank > Nicki Minaj

    There’s something to respect about her, but she’s not my cup of tea. All artists deserve some form of respect for what they do.

    Cept Gaga. Down with Gaga.


  31. Lena

    I love Nicki but this makes me lol… MIA seriously hates on GaGa and others yet crowns Nicki running hip hop? I don’t even like gaga, but at least she’s talented. LMFAO, MIA GURL WHAT ARE YOU SIPPIN’ ON.


  32. Jennifer

    I’ve only heard that song “Your Love” and she sounds like an auto-tuned chipmonk.
    She’s cute and her style is fun, though.


  33. Wow

    I wish y’all would stop hatin’ on M.I.A. and her lady Gaga statement. Why do y’all get mad when she says her opinion. It’s in the First Amendment. Nicki Minaj IS original. Lady gaga just sounds like all the other pop songs on the so-repetitive radio. I wish artists like Santigold, M.I.A., Amanda Blank, Rye Rye, etc would become more well known among some of these ignorant minds.


  34. Kenya

    Um, what was M.I.A. smoking? She is smarter than this. Smart enough to see that Nicki Minaj is garbage and an A&R’s dream: an empty-headed, ignorant, pliable Black whore who hates her Black race and would sell out to look like a white woman, sing about her p*ssy, and more than likely suck off a white man to get to the top.

    C’mon M.I.A., is it that you want her sexually? Or is it that you like the fact she dresses tacky and raps like she has Tourette’s Syndrome?—just like you.


  35. Taybee

    I agree with “Ignorance isn’t always bliss”, Nicki has not swagger-jacked lil kim. Do your research. She hasn’t jacked anything if she hasnt said anything disrespectful about any rapper. That is how nicki pay homage to kim. Ask ANY celebrity and they will say the same thing. Sean kingston, diddy, ludacris and more all believe that nicki has paid homage.
    Kim did not right all of her songs- nicki writes ALL of her songs. Stop comparing them because you’re wrong. And about the Lady Gaga stuff, you’d be surprised to see how many other celebrities have the same idea as M.I.A. about gaga. Gaga is humble and stuff, shes nice, but I have heard that she comes with a bit too much and it turns people off. For example, that baseball game when she went with only a large shirt and panties. She pissed off some actor (for his name).


  36. Tam

    M.I.A just talked about Lady Gaga and Beiber to get her name back out in the public. Why bring people down when you can do the same as Gaga; not talk shit about anyone and do what you do. They’re all in the SAME business. My god…


  37. VoiceOfReason

    Ok. This Nicki/Kim/MIA/Gaga shit is getting old, don’t you think? We could go on and on all day, all night about who’s better, who’s hotter, who’s runnin’ the game, etc. But the truth of it all is that it’s simply a matter of preference. Some of the “old heads” such as myself (not old in age, but in preference of music. I’m only 28) will always prefer Kim over Nicki, and Madonna over Gaga, etc.

    I won’t say that none of the new acts don’t have creativity, lyrical prowess, or talent. It’s just not my taste. Fact is, whether the younger portion of my generation wants to believe it or not, it’s been done before. It’s new to them, just like this whole ’80s style is coming back with the high top fades, mohawks, loud colors and gaudy jewelry. But we’ve already seen it. We’ve already done it.

    When we say that Nicki/Gaga is a clone of Lil’ Kim/Madonna, it’s not necessarily flow/song delivery we’re talking about. We mean that the new artists are imitating their persona. Their image. Their style. Imitation isn’t always a horrible thing, but it’s a slap in the face to the artists who’ve made it possible for these new faces to shine when the “students” disrespect their “teachers” in the process. Some of these current artists have this annoying sense of entitlement. They think the game owes them something because they spent a few hours in the studio making up rhymes. Please, REAL artists have spent their ENTIRE LIVES, LIVING through the experiences that your undeserving idols lie about in the booth.

    But surprisingly, it’s not the artists that disrespect one another, at least not as much as their fans do… well, their “stans.” You guys take this shit to a whole new level of disrespect and obsession. If I say “I don’t like Nicki Minaj” I’m a “hater.” But why? Why can’t I just not like her music? You all don’t seem to like Lil’ Kim, does that make you a hater too? Come on people. Listen, I love Beyonce, and Drake (don’t really care for Nicki or the rest of the Young Money folks) and even Ms. Eccentric Gaga. But I don’t worship them. Kanye’s got skills, but I think the stunt he pulled on Taylor Swift was rude and ignorant. Yet, you idiots praised him for it. And yall try so hard to model your entire existance based off of what they say. But that’s their lifestyle, not yours. Hell, most of you are probably in middle/highschool, and can’t even afford to relate to the shit your “Gods” rap/sing about. But you want it so bad. You want that validation from your friends (who probably don’t even like you) that you’re special and important because you saved 15 of your McDonald’s paychecks to buy a pair of shoes/shades that you saw on Tv.

    It’s that level of ignorance that puts this generation at risk of extinction. The lines of right and wrong have been severely blurred in your world and you no longer know which way is up. You just blindly follow the shiny bouncing ball, hoping it’ll lead you some place special, but you will soon realize that you aren’t even moving. Only jumping in place. And as time passes by, hopefully you will all GROW UP, and the Nicki’s and Drake’s and Gaga’s that pass through the industry over the next few years will no longer matter to you because your preferences will change as life takes you through. Soon you’ll understand that none of this shit really matters…





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