Sneak Peek: Usher – ‘There Goes My Baby’


Usher goes shirtless in the preview for his Anthony Mandler-directed clip “There Goes My Baby.” The Jim Jonsin production will be included on Raymond v. Raymond (The Deluxe Edition), due Aug. 24. The full video premieres tomorrow on VEVO.

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  1. Creat1ve

    ‘Bout time he makes a music video for this song! This song is the best off the whole album!


  2. Trey

    This is what he should make more of.
    Not more electro-trash


  3. ANgry Fan

    @ Trey

    YES, can’t stand that electro/pop/sound drowned in R&B anymore

    The video looks good!


  4. Michelle

    Usher has such a baby face, he doesn’t even look like 31.


  5. Deemy Tha Kid

    Gosh he’s soo hottttttttt!!


  6. Trey

    @ANgry Fan
    Well then again you can’t blame them for trying to get airplay on pop radio since nowadays mainstream airplay basically omits urban music


  7. fi

    Real singing took him far!
    He should never forget that!


  8. ...

    trey,fi and some others need to calm down.
    Usher releases 2 pop songs in this album the other are al r&b.Why all this hate?

    This video looks hot


  9. Rachel

    Best song from the album, it deserves a video.


  10. dd

    hot song …hasnt anybody noticed he changed alot when he got married…he got a bunch of tattoo’s


  11. bass_man

    what took so long?


  12. bass_man

    i wish the concept was different. we’ve seen this from him many times before.


  13. Joyams

    I love this song so much since the first time i heard it, can’t wait for the video.


  14. Ant'

    This Is Whats Lacking These Days Nice Smooth R&B!These Days All We Here Is Whole Lot Of Electro Pop And Hip Hop, But Not Much Of This Kind Of Stuff. The Video Looks Great


  15. JayCred

    LOVE this song! Best song on the new album and I’m so glad it’s getting a video.

    Although it’s a little been there, done that this song speaks millions more.


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