New Music: Trey Songz f/ Nicki Minaj – ‘Bottoms Up’

Trey Songz and Nicki Minaj

Trey “Mr. Steal Your Girl” Songz pops bottles with Nicki Minaj on the club-ready first single from his new album Passion, Pain & Pleasure, due Sept. 14. A cartoonish-voiced Nicki Roman Zolanski gets tipsy on Henny, Remy, and margaritas on the Kane Beatz production, even shouting out the late Anne Nicole Smith: “Rest in peace to Anna Nicole Smith/ Yes my dear, you’re so explosive/ Say hi to Mary Mary and Joseph.”

Download: Trey Songz f/ Nicki Minaj – “Bottoms Up”

Audio via YouHeardThatNew

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  1. BowChickaWahWah

    Nicki with the Anna Nicole impression. lmao


  2. PDCross

    nice…song is cool…i think i needa listen more to see if i like this joint tho…


  3. carl

    Nicki stole the show. I forgot it was even Trey’s song.


  4. [email protected]

    I Actually Think this is the 1st song I like from Trey Songs

    As far as Nicki – She is fun ( I like that) but as far as her place in Hip Hop… She is more of a Pop Rapper


  5. ouchhh!



  6. Reggieiscrazy

    As usual, I only listened because of Nicki. Trey always sing like he has a vibrator stuck up his ass and I know you stans are going to try to snatch my wig for that comment so let me go Amber Rose.

    Nicki slays. As usual. Trey? Not so much.


  7. shaytan

    @ Reggie – LMFAO


  8. BowChickaWahWah

    Dead @ “so let me go Ambe Rose” Rofl!!!


  9. Joyams

    Nicki is the shit, who can some ppl even doubt it.


  10. JAYE

    Nicki shows her versatility yet again, bringing back that fast paced flow from Beam Me Up Scotty, and I love it!I can def see myself getting down to this one with a drink in my hand on the dancefloor. Love the Anna Nicole shout out @ the end.


  11. Ria

    Ummm yeah Nicki out shined him I kinda forgot it was his song after her part


  12. Terry_Andre

    Wow.. lls Typical Trey, But when Nicki came on I couldn’t stop laughing at what she was saying it caught me completely off guard!


  13. Dave

    Yeah, she outshined him. & the song is lame in my opinion.


  14. Dillon_68

    Maybe its a grower.


  15. theresa_keys

    after nickis part i thought it washer part and trey was singing trey chorus


  16. S.Lewinsky

    all i can say is this song is a YESSS!!!


  17. sexdrugsandrocknroll

    Trey failed! This song will flop, Nicki KILT IT tho! I think this is Nicki at her finest! Should of been her track!


  18. AAA

    Yooo I love Nicki I couldn’t stop laughing when she said f*cka lmfao, I sware, no one can entertain you like she can, I only listened because she was on it


  19. Antonio

    Really Dnt Like Song I am fan of trey i think he can do better but i luv nicki part


  20. Fool

    Nicki part go crazy it reminds me of her mixtape days this goin 2 be a hit i see it already i gotta say Trey knows how 2 pick songs 4 sure


  21. Trey

    Two of the hottest in the game now, and it lives up.
    I see Songz is trying to replicate the success of Say Aah, with this song having the same vibe, as this song could make rounds on urban and pop formats.


  22. A

    is this his first single?


    still hearing the song, but Im not very impressed.


  23. Gangstera

    Nicki minaj is a bad bitch her verse is fire trey sucks i ony like this cuse the queen did her thang


  24. HisChiccaBadd

    ILY Nickii And I would marry the hell outta Trey . I Love this song by my two fav. artist . && Nicki is OD funny , I be dyn when she start buggn . I Love I :D lol


  25. Steve

    Damn !!! Nicki is so DAMN entertaining, I love this song now, lol @ the Anna Nicole impression. Kudos to both Nicki & Trey on this track.


  26. Will

    The song is ok i definately expected better i dont think this was a good choice for first single but radio will definately eat this up cause its Trey Songz. Nicki Minaj killed her verse as always.


  27. 100% Nikehead

    This sounds like a track R-Kelly would do. Im still feelin it tho


  28. Asa

    so this song wuz pretty much dead until Nicki Minaj stepped in and killed. Bad choice for a 1st single


  29. ...

    both are typically awful. i miss the days when you had to have talent to be famous.


  30. JhuntdaProdigy

    This song is pretty dope, I think it’s gonna grow on people, and Nicki kilt it!!!


  31. bass_man

    the song itself sounds like a b-side. Nicki stole the show and makes it listenable. I never knew Trey could sound so stale.


  32. mr

    to anybody who says she is only a pop rapper i say she is hip hop all the way. In the begging people didnt categorize hip hop in a small box people were allowed to rebel against the norm. So when i hear her rap it reminds me of how diverse hip hop should be and how female rappers dont have to be masculine and rap about killing people all the time. They can rap the way they interpret hip hop. . . . . . . . . . O yea n trey is a talented artist but as he really needs to stop with the bad r.kelly impersonations smh


  33. MiamiGirl920

    i’m really glad that i decided 2 give nicki a chance, becuz she’s really startin’ 2 soften me up a bit, i just don’t want her 2 be a gimmick, and start dumbin’ down her lyrics just 4 the preteens. i really do think that nicki got flow, just curious of how she’s gonna do, we shall see. and nicki outshadowed trey, i really think that if trey decide 2 do this song alone, it wouldn’t last that long, maybe 2-3 weeks tops. this is one of his weakest songs, nicki saved the song. the production ain’t bad, it’s pretty good. but i still like trey songz, this isn’t his strongest song, everybody talkin’ about nicki, not so much trey…go back 2 the lab trey, knock our socks off.


  34. Steve

    Another thing I like about Nicki is she doesn’t try to act all hood like Lil Kim, and Eve, and Remy (Not saying there fakin or nothin) but its nice to hear a rapper that doesn’t always talk about guns and “the hood” and sht.


  35. Alejandro

    I Rep Young Money. You Know.. Slim.. Baby?

    YASSSSSSS NICKI murked that!


  36. cosmolitetz



  37. keri

    Is that Lil’ Kim?? no its Nicki…she is a good Lil’ Kim impersonator. Queen Bee 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!


    BowChickaWahWah Reply:

    @keri, When the hell has Lil Kim EVER rapped like that?


  38. ponyo

    @keri yup……she sounded weird if u ask me but i like her anyways queenbee all day


  39. Mike

    Keri, get over it. She sounded nothing like Kim. I’ve never heard Kim use any kind off accent or different voice on any track. Nicki is Nicki, period.

    Nicki killed this track, she’s easily my favorite rapper (female or male) right now.


  40. Christian

    Ok Trey’s part will have to grow on me b/c right now it flops… MAJORLY. Nicki KILLED IT! She made it fun and did more with the song, Trey kind of got lost somewhere in the mix. He should give this song to her and try again. So far it sucks. *drops mic*


  41. Christian

    Nicki’s voice (Roman) was soooo tight! I hope she uses it more on her album!


  42. ummmmm no

    @mike i think Nicki is my favortie artist right now period


  43. geishagirl

    When then u’re not familiar with Nicki’s music because shes just as hood and nasty like Lil’ Kim and Eve.

    The song sucks btw.


  44. 2011k

    THAT was entertaining??? Seriously??


  45. 2011k

    Nicki couldve left that shit at home, hidden in her sock drawer…


  46. HisChiccaBadd

    @2011k .. Lmao …Really ? You didnt like that ? I thought it was Hard .. :) But you know , we all have different opinions and I respect yours .lol


  47. Reon cahon

    Shes completed 12 music videos.

    Won 3 awards.

    & has collaberated with more then 10 of the top names.

    In less than a year. With out an album.

    Shes doing something right!! ILNICKI !!


  48. MB92

    Trey Songz does sound very much like R Kelly in all of his songz. this song is pretty good, but im still stuck on “Already Taken” i love taht song. Nicki did okay too, i didnt like her verse that much. and speaken of lil kim i miss her, she needs to drop another album. i still blast her old music =D


  49. BKfromTX

    haha goddamn no one would give a fuck about this song if it weren’t for roman. Gotta give it up to her, good lookin out @Reon cahon


  50. MatureBarbie

    The Anna Nicole Smith imitation and they way Nicki used the track’s flow is pure genius. For those who don’t know about the imitation, search youtube for, “Anna Nicole Smith Remembered.”

    “Like My Body.” -RIP Anna Nicole Smith


  51. corrian

    ok nicki is definately one of the most entertaining rappers that singing part espacially caught me off guard but is was a very fun verse and made the song trey part was ok


  52. NENE

    Nicki always kill it she is boss but trey iz always da same


  53. newii_babbii

    to my opinion i dnt really like it … but if they make a music video than i prolly will like but ya gotta comment on that i was tellin the truth bottoms up…Lmao…. Brb


  54. dugup

    Are you kids even serious? Nicki is a jokeeeeeeeee. She kills it?! Yeah kills whatever decency the song had going for it. Regardless, the entire genre of music is killing whatever is left of rap or hip-hop. Bubble gum rap, yeah Nicki is “killin” it.


  55. Rayon Martin

    I like it i just gotta hear it more..nicki minaj and trey songx killed it though…..


  56. Nicki Fan

    I love this song mostly Nicki Minaj’s part.. She blew Trey Songz out of the song.. I forgot that this was Trey Songz song.. Nicki Minaj took the whole song into her own hands.. I love you Nicki !


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