Review Roundup: M.I.A. – ‘/\/\/\Y/\’


M.I.A. has made lots of noise with her controversial comments, but now she lets her music do the talking with her third album /\/\/\Y/\, in stores today. Did the bold Brit strike a chord with critics on the self-titled set? Find out below.

USA Today: Even in mellower interludes, Maya is hardly easy listening. It’s challenging, confrontational agit-pop by a fearless provocateur with a brazen vision. On most music fronts, that’s been missing in action. 3 out of 4

Entertainment Weekly: Much of Maya sounds murky and almost punishingly discordant, as if the album has been submerged underwater and then set upon by an arsenal of exceptionally peeved power tools. … It’s not that Maya is some sort of spectacular failure; it’s just that nothing here feels truly vital, or nearly as revolutionary as she seems to want us to believe. C-

Los Angeles Times: In its 12 tracks, M.I.A. explores both what it means to serve as a sexual/romantic ideal in the Beyoncé way, and what happens when a self-consciously political artist like herself confronts the sentimental streak deep within. 3.5 out of 4

Rolling Stone: She covers so much ground because it’s all part of who she is. And from the sound of Maya, she’s capable of anything—except being dull. 4 out of 5

The New York Times: M.I.A. made her name with her complex juxtapositions of the first world and third world, verbally and sonically. On Maya, instead, she gets by with her instincts as, for lack of a better word, a musician.

The Washington Post: But where M.I.A.’s first two albums—2005′s wonderful Arular and 2007′s masterful Kala—boasted supreme hooks, Maya only bares gruesome teeth. It’s an album about information-age paranoia with beats that bristle accordingly, and bass lines that ooze like so much oil spillage.

Rap-Up’s Favorite Tracks: “Steppin Up,” “XXXO,” “It Takes a Muscle,” “Tell Me Why,” “Internet Connection”

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  1. Will

    She should have released the XXXO video before the album came out cause i had no idea it was even being released today. Wheres the promotion for her album? I dont see it selling well.


  2. Yan

    Yeah, agree with @will.


  3. mesouth

    the album is doin well on itunes. btw I don’t think she’s really into promotions ad stuff.


  4. mesouth

    the album is doin well on itunes. btw I don’t think she’s really into promotions ad stuff. I mean she doesn’t really care to promote and be a commercial product.


  5. Milo

    Bump you Entertainment Weekly, she is revolutionary and this albumbis Dope, Arular is still my fav M.I.A. Album Kala was Ok but this one is Awesome! I’m glad it’s not all over the place like MTV! MTV destroys Music


  6. rman

    that’s the difference between a real journalist’s review. i.e. entertainment weekly vs. new york times.


  7. Jay London

    I just don’t get her music, it sounds more like noise to me than anything else… Maybe me liking real instruments is too old fashioned…


  8. Lild9

    This album is soo good! I really like it! My least favourite reck tho is probably Teqkilla!
    BTW The iTunes Lp for the album is amazing! It’s interesting to look at!


  9. M.I.A. fan

    M.I.A. is AWESOME!!! but yeah, her last 2 albums, Kala and Arular were better. I think her next album will be a lot better


  10. Orville

    Maya is a true artist and just because she had the hit song Paper Planes the American media want her to become some diva pop star. M.I.A. she’s not having any of that crap this woman is a feminist and a revolutionary! I love the fact that Maya tries to downplay her incredible beauty and wants the public to focus on her music. Maya is a true musician and I respect her because she stands up for what she believes in.


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