Trailer: Chris Brown – ’12 Strands (Matrix)’

Chris Brown

Chris Brown is back in action in the teaser for 12 Strands (Matrix), his forthcoming short film. The R&B crooner puts his fancy footwork to use, except this time he’s kicking ass in the action-packed clip directed by “Deuces” director Colin Tilley. Chris even got fake tattoos for the role.

If you like what you see, check out the singer-turned-actor on the big screen in Takers, opening August 27. His co-star T.I. praised his performance. “Chris gonna impress a lot of people,” said Tip. “He does a lot of high performance, action sequences. I think people will actually be pleasantly surprised.”

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  1. gosa

    OMG its DOPE …………..chris you are so talanted man………..I LOVE YOU


  2. WhatTheF




  3. Paige

    Gotta Luv Chris Brown!!! Can’t wait till Takers comes out…


  4. Dimp-Zone

    don’t call it a COMEBACK! Chris Brown is about to WOW us! And im ready just like sponge bob!!! im ready im ready im ready!


  5. lmao

    Its really pathetic and sad how people hate on CB and dont want to see him succeed.


  6. ugh

    atleast hes beating some man down for a change :P im sorry i just had to

    i kind of want to see this, i think its time we stop dwelling on the past and give him a shot…like he did to rihannas face. i liked his cd and his mixtape so hes showing progression and slowly working his way back into my good graces.
    go chris breezy!
    and the whole rihanna and smacking a man thing was just a joke, dont bite my head off guys.


  7. Ant'

    I Agree Chris Brown Is Back And Better Than Ever Maybe You Should Stop Commenting @WhatTheF


  8. WhatTheF

    ^ STAY MAD


  9. Breezy

    u people are idiots chris never left…all you fake fans left him.. hes been here the whole time..lmao at saying maybe its time for “Us” to move on??? what the fuck…you see all u bitches agree with eachother…but remember chris will always be more successful than you….HI HATER


  10. Ankka

    I smell a FLOP in the air……
    where those the karate moves with which he beat she sh** out of Rihanna??


  11. Dizzle

    wow i actually like it….thought it was gonna be a flopp lool


  12. skysy

    omg i sooo agree with breezyy FAKE ASS FANS R THE 1 THAT LEFT


  13. LOL

    This is going to be Epic


  14. just peachy

    omg cant wait breezy coming 4 the actors now. nice!


  15. MB

    I’m happy he’s getting back out there, but this looks just like all the other action movies we’ve seen! lol

    Good look and Good luck though!


  16. Tazzy Brown

    This mini teaser thing looks AMAZING!!!!! <3
    and I cannot wait until "Takers" comes out. I have been waiting for that movie for over a year now :O
    anyways i so agree with the fact that "breezy fans left, not him"
    but i've always been a fan since "Run It!" and never left :)
    Love you Chris <3 and prove them "HATERS" wrong!
    Wish you all the best and keep up the great work !! =)


  17. noodles

    Nah for the ones who ask if these are the moves he used on Rihanna…no not really he went to a studio days before he shot the video to learn these stunts….but nice try lol…jokes are old but are funny to a degree…try to come harder next time.

    Like you thats what all the others who thought it would be a flop will be saying.

    Chris never really left to me. But I guess if you are willing to give him another chance its a comeback to you. Another thing how is something a flop before it comes out? Lol. Fall back haters.


  18. Tami

    So happy for you Chris I never stop supporting your music, so glad to see your growth in everything. Everybody make mistakes JUST DON”T DO IT AGAIN. I personally thought you were to young to get involve in any serious relationship hope you realize you have plenty of time for love that sexy body and good looks not going any where soon, make the music and money Don’t lose your spot again I believe your going to get back on top talent wise God knows you deserve it with your cold blooded dancing a** And for the Haters no telling what they’ve done and for the record I don’t see any community service going on from anyone proving their so hurt not to excuse your actions Chris but I just saying, anyways I going to leave that in the past. Let’s Go Chris!


  19. SandeePB

    Chris Brown is way too cool.. He is so outrageously gifted!!!!! Keep up the excellent work! :)


  20. ja

    is this how he beat rihanna ass… im jus sayin. this is probably a flash bak of his fist to her face for her… FRIGHTNING..


  21. andrea

    Chris Brown is one talented yella ass nicca. This clip looks mad dope can’t wait for the whole thing to release. Breezy never disappoints so i kno this will be epic.

    @ja this post is about chris brown not Rihanna no talent havin ass and who gives a shyt about ur devotion to her…express that somewhere else. and for the record talentwise rihanna’s name should never even be mentioned in the same sentence with chris brown…jus sayin


  22. Shawn

    Chris is very talented vocally and we all know no one can touch his dance skills. As far as the comments about what happen in the past because that is exactly what it is in the past, you can’t take away from his talent he deserve his success let the boy live he is young and yes he messed up but so have many of you more ways then one I’m sure. Not excusing him for what he did but I am sure the road he been on since the event, struggling and trying to redeem himself, going from being a young well liked young man on the top of his game and now having to deal with the negativity and failure of his projects come on give him a break let him move forward. She definitely have moved on to the next one and the next one and the next one. WHAT! where is the innocence like @ Tami said, last time I heard her speak out to help another girl was promo time next thing I saw was her being rubbed up on a yacht. In a few days that wild child, please! Stop it, let him live!


  23. Droppin Bombs

    This shit gonna flop like fist brown’s career.Blog praise is nice, but hoodrats dont buy albums.LoL


  24. sydney

    Some of u guys r right… Chris brown is gonna wow us cuz this time he’s gonna be fighting MEN! not a defenseless woman. Good look CB.


  25. noodles

    Like I said come harder with the jokes lol…its so old. And what is with calling people hoodrats? Thats so dumb. Only a fucking cunt would call random supporters hoodrats without know them. I’m a CB fan and I’m far from being hood lol….try again. And his career flopped? I swear ya’ll just like to use the word flop. How is one album and 2 or 3 bad singles make his whole big successful career a flop? Check the charts again from recently… then talk about a flop. Far as know ain’t nobody flopping but your dumbass comments. FAIL. What can ya’ll can see the future now to know how something is gonna do? GREAT! Can you tell me if Lebron is gonna get a ring and is the world gonna end in 2012 while your at it? HA! Try again. I swear the only words ya’ll haters know is fistopher and flop like get some new material you sound so uneducated(not to say I’m the smartest person in the world but what mature and smart person says fistopher or tries to act like a know it all jackass?). Ya’ll are gonna be looking real dumb when it doesn’t flop lol.


  26. Mike

    What is this!?


  27. **nah**

    You haters @ja, Droppin Bombs, Ankka, and WhatTheF, like it or not, CB is very talented, and he must be doing something right, yall check for him more than anything. Nobody is mad, apparently, yall are the ones that’s mad. Yall keep bringing up the same old shit over and over again, you would think yall would bring up something new to hate on him about, but you stick to the same old shit. Get a fuckin life, its very obvious that yall don’t have one, all you do is sit around all day, just waiting for something to post about him. Yall wake up thinking about him, and you take your sorry asses to bed thinking about him.


  28. arie

    @ noodles, thank you, couldn’t have said it any better! Smething I want to know also, The owner of the Cavs said they will win a NBA Championship before Lebron and the Heat will, is that true, since now the haters can predict the future now. I agree, its ridiculous and getting old, its like they wait around all day to see if something is going to come up about him on Rap Up. I enjoyed the trailor, like it or not, the young man is talented.


  29. manny man

    CB, all I can sya is “you go man!” Homeboy has skills, no need to hate. All I can say to the haters, if yall are such devoted Rihanna fans, then why do you constantly check for him? LOL, @noodles, I got one also, I play the lottery, do you think they can predict if I’m going to win some $$$ one day?


  30. Fool

    It looks like its gonna be crazy creative and innovative ppl need definitely stop hating


  31. &

    The tagline on the poster doesn’t make sense grammatically and that’s a bad sign. The actual movie itself, aside.


  32. so funny

    Why are people so up in arms about this? Some of the negative feedback is really not called for, there is no need to hate. I liked it, they guy is talented. I agree with @fool, @noodles, and @manny man, I really agree with you. Regardless of the fact, some people are going to continue to hate, and that’s only because they have nothing else better to do, they have to do something to pass time.


  33. Takers

    LOVE YOU CHRIS BROWN! Can’t wait to see this. I love the fact that he is getting into movie production. He is an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER of the upcoming smash action thriller TAKERS! As for fools and jackasses on this site talking BS FU@K ALL OF YOU! You mama’s should have taught you dim-wits if you can’t say something nice about a person keep you damn mouths SHUT!..GO CHRIS, LIVE YOUR LIFE KID!


  34. king

    rihanna and chris talkin


  35. JOJO



  36. BreezeWealthy

    Well WHen Chirs Did Wat He Did I Sat and Was When Is Was Done I Hit Me
    Its None of Mine Or Anyone Else To Call Him Out . ! Men EveryDay Are Beating a Woman,Can’t Say Its The Woman who deserve because No One Should Be Treated Like That.
    Sooo There For When Chris Did Wat he Did.&&. Rihanna was on tv,taking pic,going out showing off her hits[lmao.I/Sx2] I Just Felt She Was Trying To make him bullshit….When Really Chris Was The S H I T .&&. he still is…Chris I S – N O T – P E R F E C T and never will,
    I Wish he wuddnt have did it,Wellll I Wish I didnt Tell my teacher He Had Me All Fuk’dUp B…Sooo Wat Im Trying To Say Is Chris Was Wrong But Who Does Do Wrong in Life Thats Why People Leave Life Happy, Knowing The Did something Wrong and wasnt right ever day . If So yu would never know how it felt to wrong . !

    And Chris Has My Whole Family support.&&. Its Like 142 of us. lmao [not really]


  37. nay

    im waiting for the full vid ; it looks like the next big thing


  38. Nyamal

    i know chris brown is brtter


  39. selena

    i hope hes good in this movie im sick of tha haterz


  40. flintshire

    flintshire… || Trailer: Chris Brown – ’12 Strands (Matrix)’…

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