Is Christina Milian Still Wearing Her Wedding Ring?

Christina Milian

Despite her separation from The-Dream, Christina Milian is still rocking the six-carat diamond ring given to her by her estranged husband. The newly-single mother smiled for the paps while picking up her nephew at a Los Angeles daycare center on Tuesday (July 13), sporting black leggings and Christian Louboutin boots.

Christina responded to DJ Funkmaster Flex who chided her on his radio show. “@funkmasterflex when will u just leave me alone and get a life?” she tweeted. “I swear all uve ever done is pick on me. What’s ur problem dude? Go away.” He later recanted for his comments, saying he was only joking.

Christina Milian Christina Milian Christina Milian

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  1. Dimp-Zone

    My christina ppl need to stop picking on her and LEAVE HER ALONE! Lt her breathe and respect her privacy


  2. Dimp-Zone

    The Dream need to be ashamed of himself. He’s just another typical black man, doing what they all do. Make babies and leaving them hanging. Unfortunately it happened to Christina,

    Samething will happen to Alicia Keys. MARK MY WORDS!!


  3. ~AalexisR~ The Summer King (The Bahamas)



  4. Rhino

    Co-sign @Dimp-Zone.

    Everybody was trashing me when I was commenting on them saying that if he did all that to Nivea, he’d do it to C-Milli as well…Y’all said I was hating (that’s nothing to hate on, cuz Nivea still ranks above C-Milli in my book as far as looks & personality)

    Whaddayagottasay now?


  5. Dimp-Zone

    ewwww u think she looks better than C. Milli?! I think NOT! Neieva looks so trashy. C. Milli looks classy. But yea i was was sayin the same thing. I didnt see why she would let herself get caught up into that hott mess of a chimp monk!


  6. xxx

    how in the world can you cheat on this woman? i mean, damn! how hot is this girl!

    cheat on her with some hoodrat…no no no


  7. Will

    Rhino u think Nivea looks better than Christina? R u Serious??? U must have absolutely no taste in woman what so ever.

    Christina is a good woman. Shes still wearing her wedding ring and all. I dont see what went wrong but The Dream is letting go of a beautiful woman inside and out. Notice how they split right around when the Baby was born. The Dream left her hanging like shes nothing. Not cool man.


  8. idk

    For some reason i smell a publicity stunt….


  9. Shawn

    Not sure what’s going on with her wearing the ring still maybe she don’t realizes what happen yet. But from what’s been all over the media she would want to take it off and box it up. Especially with him being picture with another woman and one she was associated with if I might add Please! Why make yourself seem like your the one with the problem he don’t deserve that I am sure she is hurt by having to have her marriage played out in the media but then again that is the life of a star nothing is private. They meet and married really quick she is a pretty girl and he went after her because of that but then again I am sure she probably went for him because he is a successful producer. I’m not sure about these microwave marriages in hollywood, honestly I’m not sure about any hollywood marriages they just seem so staged and fabricated. Christina girlfriend pick yourself up dust off and be glad you did not invest more years into this clown. I have to add that baby is beautiful and at the end he still have to be her dad either by choice or the people will make him please believe.


  10. Swag-Wave

    Wow… what rock was I under, I thought they were still together.


  11. steven

    ha! po babi!!!


  12. Mike

    She’s gorgeous, how the hell could anyone cheat on her?


  13. Jeffery J-Boe

    Christina Milian Needs To Stop Down-Grading With These No-Nothing Dudes… Nick Cannon Was A Hoe, and A Gold Digger(Mariah Carey Might I Add), and The-Dream, A Fat Sloppy Ass Whack Fake R. Kelly Wanna Be Singer… She Can Do So Much Better, She Just Needs To Do Some Soul Searching… I’m Glad She’s A Mom With Her Beautiful Daughter Violet… Christina, and Violet Milian For 2010, and Beyond.


  14. markel

    GAME to sort this shit out lol..!


  15. &

    Look at that thing – I’d wear it, too! Or cash it in…


  16. Jamie

    She wearing the ring to cover up the tattoo she has on her ring finger, she said her and Dream got matching ones, Dumb dumb dumb idea, I’d still be rocking the 6 carats just to shove in the Dreams face how much money he lost and is going to lose. I hope she takes him for everything. :)


  17. Flashy lite

    I thought she was after his dough, and i think she gonna be getting it for a while… the dude got an inferiority complex, he probably think he look more manly playing the Women… probably was neglectd as a kiD …. Peep da $$$$$$ on her finger, not the Marraige !!


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