Videos: Ne-Yo – ‘Champagne Life’ + ‘Beautiful Monster’

Ne-Yo presents the dual mini-movies for “Champagne Life” and “Beautiful Monster,” the two singles from his upcoming album Libra Scale, due Sept. 21. The R&B gentleman gets a taste of the good life in the video for “Champagne Life,” but the story takes a dangerous turn in “Beautiful Monster,” below.

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  1. Swag-Wave

    Finally a music video that actually grabs your attention! Def interested for NeYo’s upcoming album. Very interesting…


  2. Francis

    Nice concept,cant wait for the rest of the story


  3. kani k.

    they can’t act.. but still it’s better than that timberland video..


  4. bass_man

    honestly. “Champagne Life” is such an amazing song that it can’t be muddied by this awful “mini-movie”.

    i’m tired of artists now doing them incorrectly..throwing some bad acting and an awful, irrelevant concept in front of a song is not going to make you seem more “artistic”. i’m sorry.

    i can’t even watch the second one, because it’s probably his worst song


  5. MB92

    ugh it was just too long for me(Beautiful Monster), i like the song, but the video…. hmm i didnt know if he wanted to be michael jackson,usher, or lady gaga. it lost my attention, and almost put me to sleep. Great Songs… Okay videos I guess


  6. MB92

    The black male version on lady gaga that is


  7. Ricky


    You summed everything up perfectly. I appreciate his effort though.


  8. Asa

    Both the mini movies are iight. Even though they are long it could of been much worst, And the good thing is most likely you’d never see the full versions on television and there might be versions of the video of just the song and not the full mini movie.

    anyway concept is iight,
    video is iight
    songs are good
    i give it 7 out 10. Can’t wait to here the rest of the album


  9. Trey

    I don’t know why people are acting like this, its not even that “artistic” its just a plain mini-movie thing. He’s not trying to be like anyone else, and him trying to do this is good.

    The concept is good, I prefer Champagne Life because the middle of Beautiful Monster, in between the intro and the big dance sequence, because its really boring with the music playing and he’s just stumbling around. But the dance sequence near the end is good, but it can’t make up for the beginning. And he’s not even going to try with these long mv’s like Gaga, on 106 he said perhaps a compilation film at the end with all of them together.

    While I only got interested in Beautiful Monster near the end, CL had be the whole time.

    Hopefully he’ll learn from these two to know where to go for the next two.


  10. theresa_keys

    its really getting on my nerves how everyone is doing mini movie like music videos… its not artitic unless its original .. this music video was good but note.. artists should stop if they cat act or the story i uselsss and not needed


  11. 112

    this is tight!


  12. rive

    this is just terrible


  13. cherrytreat

    I love the song Champagne Life but the video is not all that and the mini movie does not really make sense or go with the song. What was he thinking or his producers thinking. Beautiful Monster was ok but not all of that either.


  14. taj mahal

    Its pretty good for the coceipt. Beautiful Monster is mostly about him chasing his old lover. Champagne Life is about the beginning perks of the hero life and enjoying it.

    You would have to see the next few to see if he can actually tie it all together.


  15. Neli_X

    He Cannot Act Drunk To Save His Live “/


  16. fan

    i loved both videos because it goes with his themem and his story line. if people would stop comparing artist for one second and actualy listen to them speak yal woud of known that he wrote a story…the cd libra scale is an actual story that he wrote so the songs are revolving around the story line…
    and why must artistic to people gotta be some next level shyt…art is exspressing yourself…

    i loved everything he did, he gave a story that makes commen sense…

    and i cant wait for the album to drop sept 21…
    i know its gonna be good money as the last three wer…


  17. Cy'

    I love it!


  18. CMG

    Champagne Life was amazing! Great song first and foremost, and I loved the video. It’s long because it’s a “mini movie”, not the average video. Now Beautiful Monster on the other hand, might be the reason i DON’T buy his CD. I like variety on an album but man he really went far out there with that beat. Subject wise, it reminded me of MJ; but MJ came with the tight beats.. this beat isn’t tight. The video didn’t explain anything to me, it was nice to look at though. I’m just confused now, because They took you from Ne Yo and the girl making eye contact in Champagne Life to him looking distraught & destroyed in Beautiful Monster. A little clarity would be welcome.


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