Video: T-Pain Debuts New Single ‘Rap Song’ at Summer Jam Canada

T-Pain premiered his new single “Rap Song” from his forthcoming album rEVOLVEr live at Summer Jam Canada over the weekend at Bingemans Camping Resort in Kitchener, Ontario. The Nappy Boy sings about “diggin’ in the coochie” while listening to Kanye West, Rick Ross, N.W.A., and Gucci Mane. “I like fu**in’ to rap songs,” admits Pain. “Depending how hard the song is, that’s how hard I’m gon’ fu** you.”

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  1. ...

    didn’t this fool say he wasn’t releasing any more music til the sales climate improved? yeah, about that…i wish he would have stuck to his promise…


  2. Trey

    Speaking of what he said, that was the most idiotic statement I have ever heard.
    You’re supposed to release music to please your fans, not wait until the market is good. Not that he was selling albums anyway.


  3. Rhino

    @… and @Trey

    It’s back on track now that he’s seen the numbers “Thank Me Later” and “Recovery” are doing…


  4. Bey

    he is so over.


  5. Brandon

    How can you make an R&B song about how you like to f*ck to rap songs??


  6. sagb

    all oh his recent revolver songs have sucked!!


  7. Trey

    I don’t know why he’s changed it now. He’s no Drake or Eminem.
    The only purpose T-Pain serves in the industry is giving Auto-Tuned hooks on rap songs.


  8. Trey

    Something that bothers me about this song is it sounds like a left off song from Freaknik.


  9. diego-getta

    this is some classic t-pain fire right here. this song finna blow up.


  10. BillBoard

    Like It, Klassic T-Pain Song, This Sh!t’s Gonna Hit The Chartsz;


  11. Nathan

    LMAO yo that song was live Tpains set was pretty funny and entertaining I didnt think he was gonna be that good to watch but I was wrong

    I dont know why this was in Kitchener though??????
    shouldve been in Toronto


  12. 112

    Tpain is hilarious song is awesome some people are to serious


  13. trojan675

    is it wrong i want his album to be good?????i just want a summer song like i had with buy you a drank and freeze…..thats all i want…..just a catchy song….please?


  14. Antonio

    Fu#ck All Of Yall, Im Gone. Haterz. People Can Make Songz About Anything. T-Pain The Is The Bomb. Just Because He Hasnt Released Good Songs Doesnt Mean This Song Wont Rock. Theres Been Examples Of Artists With Releasing Heaps Of Singles Then Cancelling Them To Make That One Song The First Single Because That One Song Was Popular Like B.o.B.. Fcuk All Of You


  15. JAY

    i like t-pain better than anyone in the game because hes not a serious person all the time. like drake & eminem pr b.o.b are all good but they seem wayy too serious! t-pain on the other hand has fun with his music && isnt afraid too tell ppl what he likes. look ppl hatin on the song because of the lyrics, but this is the same man who made “im in luv wit a stripper”


  16. SummerJamCanada

    For the first time ever a New York tradition traveled north of the border on July 17, 2010. The 1st annual Summer Jam Canada, Ontario’s largest hip-hop festival of the year was held at Bingemans Park in Kitchener, Ontario,Canada, attracting 5000 people from across Canada & the United States.


  17. Wezzy



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