Review Roundup: Rick Ross – ‘Teflon Don’

Teflon Don

His past as a corrections officer, feud with 50 Cent, and lawsuit from former drug kingpin Ricky Ross couldn’t hold back the indestructible Rick Ross, who releases his star-studded fourth solo album Teflon Don today. How did the Bawse weigh in with critics? Find out below.

Entertainment Weekly: Ross’ ear for lush, expansive beats has become keener and his industry Rolodex deeper, 
allowing him to make every track but the intro feel like an epic, costarring major talents like Jay-Z, Kanye West, Erykah Badu, and Drake. B+

Los Angeles Times: One of the best summer blockbusters in recent memory, Teflon Don proves how thin the line is between a flight of fancy and something fantastic. 3.5 out of 4

Rolling Stone: The old Ross was mired in drug-rap clichés; today, he sounds easeful, letting his basso profundo do the heavy lifting in the Jay-Z collabo “Free Mason,” and gloating with wit and goofiness, of which he once seemed incapable. 3.5 out of 5

The New York Times: Teflon Don isn’t the consistently sumptuous affair that his last album, the magisterial Deeper Than Rap, was, but it’s just as confident, a reminder that hip-hop social climbing isn’t monochromatic.

The Washington Post: At just 11 songs, Teflon Don is Ross’ slimmest and also strongest album. His goals remain the same: acquire wealth, explain wealth. But his word choice and onomatopoetic gestures (“Money machines, yeah, they r-r-r-ring like a mobile phone!”) are unmatched in rap right now.

Rap-Up’s Favorite Tracks: “Free Mason,” “Maybach Music III,” “Live Fast, Die Young,” “Aston Martin Music”

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  1. LAME

    He is so played out. All he rap about are cars.


  2. King

    Whats all the fuss about…..Rozay is the truth…..hate is for PUSSY’S and Pussy’s dont get pussy….305 HOE


  3. Charles

    @lame, you must be from new york


  4. mr

    @charles im from new york and i think not only he is a lame but he mislead everyone and still is and dumb retards who love this mafia kingpin talk fall for it. This is the same guy who lied twice then finally admitted he was a c.o. I mean c’mon people lets wake and stop being dum nuthing this guy says is true and i will never support a phony who mislead the public without even apologizing……..smh this is unbelievable


  5. LAME

    no i am NOT from new york. im not far from where rick ross is from and i say his music is garbage. he’s a phony and i dont see why some ppl buy into his crap.


  6. ralph

    biggest fraud in hip hop history


  7. Phoenix_Wright

    I’m from New York and I thought the album was fire. Say what you want about him lying, but his new songs be nice.


  8. mr

    20years from now will they talk about rick ross with greats such as eminem and jay-z i think not…..he sucks major crap and any smart person with common sense would not allow themselves to listen to a guy tell fairytales over beats


  9. lostonez

    the b.m.f is the hottest rap song on the radio rite now


  10. TVA

    All rappers tell fairytales over beats…. Slick Rick – The Art of Storytellin’


  11. mr

    no all rappers dont tell fairytales over beats( jay-z, lupe fiasco, kanye west). All of there rhymes come from there souls,kanye and lupe’s rhymes even being uplifting…….. rick ross not so much


  12. mr

    and every story isnt a fairytale genius


  13. bijan

    i liked it


  14. mia

    the album is amazing! he made history with this album and its his best work thust far! free mason is HISTORY it will still be talked about 2yrs 5yrs even 10yrs from now! there is not 1 song on the album that isnt goood! the album is incredible hes not my favorite rapper but his talent is undeniable! stop hating on the mans music!!! men lie wemon lie but the numbers dont! so when that albums throwing on the billboards remeber that! like diddy says, “hate is for suckas!”


  15. mia

    albums throwning* on


  16. mr

    yea and suckas are easily fooled


  17. ksolace

    you buy what you like this man makes music if you don’t like him don’t buy it. I mean one person dosen’t stop his doe from comin in Ppl bought tupac shit and he was not from cali so who gives a damm……..


  18. jhuntdaprodigy

    C.O. or not, this album’s straight fire, from start to finish. If you don’t like him, don’t read post about him, and don’t listen to his music, but shut up. Yall running that c.o. sh*t into the ground. That’s the only thing u got on him, his music is dope!


  19. DEweh

    dude stfu, if you dont have to have a reason not to like ross but dont hate on him just cause he doin his shit and making hot music, just cause he was a c.o. dont mean he didnt live the life of a hustler, just do somethin with ya life and stop hatin, appreciate this man for making good music and good money, and stop comparing rappers, every rapper is different for a reason


  20. Tlos

    Let me say this. It’s clear to all of us that Rick Ross isn’t the greatest Emcee these days. But if you listen to the sound closely and pay attention to some Rick Ross interviews you may see that he has not only a great ear for music but also a great knowledge of music. In one interview he said that he likes Raphael Saadiq from his 1990 Song Blues. I mean that’s some classic stuff he is talking about. And not classic stuff every other rapper is talking about when they talk about bigge or pac, i mean everybody older than 12 know biggie and pac. But to come up with some Toni Toni Tone stuff is, in my opinion really something i give Ross credit for.
    I mean for a rapper to put Erykah Badu on his album you have also to give credit. It really goes in an direction no other mainstream artist goes. He let everybody who loves rap music enjoy his music.
    In my opinion there are 2 sorts of Rap Fans. One part are those fans who listen to Rap in the club, they like artists like Lil Wayne, Drake and almost all of those one hit wonder rappers. The other part are the underground fans. They like Royce da 5’9, Skyzoo and many more.
    Rick Ross is clearly mainstream but with his soulful Songs and smooth beats he also gets the attention of the Underground Fans. I think it’s really hard for a rapper to do so.


  21. polo zolo

    don’t argue with fools ….. he is the best right now .


  22. polo zolo

    who gets the work in the prisons ? I think its the officers that work the work


  23. Nino Brown

    Ross is the hottest mc right now and pple better quitting this gifted rapper. I love Ross and his swags.Ross alone pushed 50 out of rap and he work the battle with dope lyrics and mad units so applaud this man for his gift to hiphop. It doesn’t matter if he raps about cars and shit,the most important is he rapping good and rap can’t be good if rapper don’t talk about money,fame,cars,cloth and girls that is why rap is a street bizness. 50 can’t touch this. To all risc ross fans keep praying for rozay to achieve success cos he does work hard and every hard work brings success.Big bawse u the best.I am straight from Nigeria.peace!


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