Jay Sean Parties with Nicki Minaj in ’2012’ Video

If 2012 is the end of the world, Jay Sean would like to spend his last days partying with Nicki Minaj. The Cash Money cohorts celebrate life in the video for “2012,” the first single from Jay’s fourth album, directed by Erik White (Keri Hilson, Chris Brown).

“I’ve been wanting to work with Nicki for the longest time,” he told MTV News. “I’m so excited that she’s on this song because she absolutely murdered it. She came with a different swagger on it, and a different flow. Just real fun. And her voice just really fits the song.”

The video for “2012” premieres on August 8, while Jay’s album is tentatively set to drop November 2.

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  1. Mia

    Does anyone care about young money anymore? I would live if they posted stories about other artist.. Until then this site should be called Youngmoney.com


  2. T

    Nicki is EVERYWHERE.

    Is there a record for the most collaborations in a year or a record for the most collaborations period because if she hasn’t broke the record, she’s mighty damn close to it.

    Roll on November 23 for a sure to be great album.

    And Jay Sean is just awesome in his own right. This song is bound to do well.


  3. ...

    jay sean’s fine but that’s it. sounds like a “down” clone. and nicki is typically wack.


  4. Dizzle

    WoW Nicki Minaj has More Video’s In 2010 Than Any Other Artise :O lol LOVE this Chick She Da Baddest!!!


  5. John

    lol at Mia typical hater keep it moving bitch


  6. lena

    @mia if you dont like young money you should nt have clicked on it and btw there are lots of articles on her besides young money

    But newayz cant wait to hear the song with nicki and for the video to come out and nicki should win some type of most collabarated artist award cuz she be on everybody songs nt even abulm cuts but ppl singles and nt just one genere she had songs with christina ,usher,sean kington, robin thicke, luda everybdy im really proud of her cuz i watched her on the come-up and i feel like she finally making it cant wait till november 23 i no she will not dissapoint


  7. JAYE

    Sounds like we got a hater on our hands. Nicki’s haters pay more attention to her than her fans. IDK about the song Jay Sean was never my cup of tea. As far as the album is concerned if it sounds anything like Beam Me Up Scotty than it will be GREAT.


  8. Red

    Nicki is the Keri Hilson of rap! She can’t stand on her own two feet.

    Your Love is a sample of a classic so you can’t count that auto tune crap! Her album will be filled with big name producers and features .. So 9 out of 10 times it will be a hit. If she wants to be Black Lady Gaga so bad… Do it like Lady Gaga ( On Her Own)

    Her time will pass soon. Everyone is hot for a New York minute but it takes true talent and no gimmicks to stick .

    Talents is the stuff legends are made of.. Sorry Nicki


  9. hamza

    Say everything about her but she is still the best HATERS STAY BLESSED COZ U WILL CHANGE NOTHING ON HER


  10. hello

    the more u hate on her the more u gettin her in the spotlight so if u dont like her stfu bitches.nicki minaj is good rapper so all u haters have 2 go and get a fucken life igghhht


  11. dan

    chris brown produces vids?


  12. Masum

    this song is hot but it would be hotter with the video and when is the video comin out


  13. the pilot

    acutally jay sean is very good in his but nicy is the worst singer in the word and for you information 2012 is aint the end of the word thats mean jay sean in true
    if u wanna any thing this is my yahoo (am.ru91)


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