Video: Christina Aguilera – ‘You Lost Me’

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera sees the light at the end of the tunnel in the dark video for “You Lost Me,” the Sia-penned ballad from her latest album Bionic. The pop star keeps it simple, letting her powerful voice shine in the Anthony Mandler-directed clip.

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  1. Dawo

    cool video :) Love this song so much omg


  2. Brandon

    cool video! Nice and simple, fits the song! She looks really prett too.


  3. Jeff

    wow awesome! I’ve just been hit smack in the face! she’s made a masterpiece here! she looks amazing, the song is amazing…Christina is truly truly back now! Imma have to listen to Bionic again & buy it. in the meantime…*runs to buy You Lost Me on itunes!*


  4. sagb

    its good


  5. anonymous

    THIS IS IT!! THIS IS THE CHRISTINA WE WANT, LOVE, NEED all of the nudity and crazy other bull she was doing is so below anything like this. I AM AMAZED AND now surprisingly interested in hearing more of her new album.


  6. Kyle

    Wow, this is what I’m talking about Christina. The whole “Bionic” era has been a mess IMO but songs like this make me appreciate Christina again. What was going on inside her head when she released trash like “Not Myself Tonight” and “Woohoo”? Songs like this remind us that she has one of, if not the best voices in the music industry. Wonder if this will boost her tragically low album sales?


  7. Lisa

    Simple, yet powerful video by Christina. I love this girl so much and she looks so beautiful in this video. She’s one of the most dynamic artists of this generation, not to mention she is the Voice of this Generation. It amazes me how she can dominate so many genres and switch from something serious like “You Lost Me” and “Hurt” to something playful like “Woohoo” and “Not Myself Tonight.” I recommend everyone getting this album, because it is amazing. Christina’s been labeled as being “too serious” with her music, but she manages to give us something playful and energetic, along with something emotional and raw which is the true form for Christina. The thing about Christina’s albums is that she caters to masses, she doesn’t just do pop or R&B, she dabbles in rap, electro, latin, rock and dance music as well with every album, which was the standard for every Janet Jackson album. Janet always had the ballads, R&B, midtempos, hip hop, dance music, rock, etc. combined into one album. Not only does Christina do all that, but her voice is out of this world and she’s able to take her songs to another level that her peers wouldn’t.


  8. Trey

    This is wonderful for Xtina.

    But this Bionic era can’t be salvaged.
    She’s going to have to start from scratch, and she needs to do it this year or next year. The reason Bionic didn’t do to well is because she was gone for four years and the world went Gaga.


  9. fredrick green

    great video by anthony mandler and great song and great voice…dont get better dan dat


  10. jimmy

    christina can really sing good like better than most artist out right now and i like the video and to the people who saying why did she relase woohoo that was nt a single is was just a promational song for the abulm probably cuz nicki minaj was on it and wanted some nickis “barbies” to by her cd & woohoo is supposelby her next single but i like the way christiana can go from singing a party song bout private parts to sing a good ballad..a very verstile artist


  11. Brandon2

    Not the best music video but this song is great and I’m really glad to see her not being trashy like she was in her Not Myself Tonight video. I wish she would go back to the way she was during her B2B era. She seems to be trying too hard now.


  12. David Washington

    Love it. I loved “Not Myself” tonight too as a single. It wasn’t really bad, it was the video that really made it die down w/ all the illuminati stuff & the extra, oversexed material


  13. Andre Le Dale

    Christina this is why the world fell in AWE with you, The VOICE not the Tatas and flashing your Nana…


  14. Fanny

    WOOOOW!!! Finally, the video is there. I love this video. She looks very beautiful in this video. I love her hair. I hope she will continue to promote her album.
    The video is better than Not Myself Tonight.


  15. 2011k

    oh my GOD, this woman is AMAZING!!!!! and Bionic is the super ish, by the way….


  16. Ri'tirehataz

    Daayum, i now remember why i love xtina aguilera. She’s (voice+appearance) is AMAZING. I feel bad for not buying her album…when i get paid I’m picking it up.





  18. Mickey

    A masterpiece of biblical proportions…STOP. A standard right up here,there,everywhere with “At Last,” “Somewhere over the Rainbow,” “Pretty Woman,” …DON’T STOP.


  19. Xtina&JLo

    She is a GODDESS! My ALL!


  20. Lisa

    Beautiful video.


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