Video: T.I. f/ Keri Hilson – ‘Got Your Back’

T.I. and Keri Hilson

Art imitates life in the video for T.I.’s “Got Your Back,” the crossover single from his album King Uncaged. The narrative follows a couple who remains together through the highs and lows, including jail. Co-star Keri Hilson keeps herself looking good, while Tip stays fresh in designer gear. But the highlight is T.I.’s real-life leading lady Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, who makes a cameo at the end.

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  1. Crying Like a B



  2. king

    rihanna is the best


  3. king

    i would like to see rihanna and keri a song


  4. queen beyonce

    ew keri looks like a man gross & this song is too similar to knock you down … same old


  5. Beyonce Stan

    Damn Skeri Wilson got a big foreheah. She may have passed Rihcycle.

    That was cute at the end with tiny poppong out


  6. bigmyke757

    Keri always sounds good on a hook.



    Keri is not trying to be like no DAMN Rihanna

    Rihanna is too busy trying to be like Grace Jones Beyonce and Kelis so stop the madness :)

    Rihanna was not the first Female Entertainer to rock short hair or short Blonde Hair…Mary J. Blige Faith Evans T-Boz Total Kelly Price Halle Berry 702 Missy Elliott….

    So please do your research before you open your cum swallower :)


  8. CiaraMedlies

    i just cant with Skeri

    1.who the hell put that makeup on her?
    2.y did t.i even make this a single,its gonna flop
    3. *jumps off cliff*





  10. Cjay Smith



  11. OMON IMO

    I Cosign with ya @The Energy to Return the Favor. Some of these kids today are so stupid, that they think that Rihanna is the only one who ever rocked a short cut. Like you mentioned, there were tons of other artists before her, so why she is getting the credit, I am yet to know. Speaking of which, Keri Hilson can actually hold a not live unlike Rihanna, who we all know can’t really do that.


  12. REM

    Agrees with The ENERGY to RETURN THE FAVOR*

    I love keri to bits.. but i cant get away with this song :(


  13. uno

    those bey/riri stans are mad
    keri has been rocking short hair before rihanna could even use the microphone
    sooooooooo … calm down

    and who wants to be someone that hasn’t got a goal and copies old famous people?


  14. [email protected]



  15. Maravish95

    you guys just hating on T.I and Keri !!!

    thats al i gotta say


  16. Lukas



  17. LShea

    Can’t watch it in Japan.

    Also, I like that the song is an F-U to haters like we find all too often on the internet.


  18. Trey

    FIYAHH! TI & Keri!
    & Look at Tiny !
    Its a shame its not doing to well on the charts since it debuted.
    Maybe the video release will help.


  19. #Thatisall

    Haters stay mad!!! and @Beyonce stan I kno your not talking looking like precious behind your computer keyboard saying keri looks bad when u couldnt even look half decent in your wildest dreams.

    Haters seem to be real mad at Keri for some reason. Must be frustrated with your life. I kno its a tough world. GET A JOB!!!!!


  20. corey corey corey

    keri is ALWAYS lookin good but i Cosign wit
    Cryin like a B


  21. Lisa

    diz song iz iight..keri hilson duz hav swag but wtf did she do 2 her hair……….she definitely dnt look gud in blonde hair…..y iz evry1 copyin rihannaz style…….honestly da only r & b singer dat lookz gud in blonde hair iz rihanna….& keri hilson duz not look gud in black lipstick………but T.I. did a fantastic job…..& im not a hater juss lettin yall kno


  22. Trey

    I don’t understand why some people think
    EVERY FEMALE ARTIST is biting off of Rihanna and Ciara.
    You people act like they created the R&B genre.


  23. Destiny Chick

    Like I said, this is where the Rihanna brigade congregates.


  24. Will

    This is a hot video. Keri’s swag is on point she definately brought it in this video. True talent will write the hook to a rappers song and thats what makes this such a hot song. T.I. picks the best females to sing on his songs but where is Cierror i mean ciara? Oh yeah i forgot shes washed up lol.


  25. U Mad?

    Just cause keri’s hair is short and blond u say shes copying rihanna r u serious? Fuk outta here with that cause her hair was that short during her first album. U haters stay on your day job while there making millions pretty funny to me. Either way they win and u lose. Thats just the way it is.


  26. newii_babbii

    hey wat up juz wanna let ya know that i give my man props ..not only he do big but cuz he thinkin bout his wify at home and thankin her for being by him while he was going to alot of shit really big props ……but any Newii rapper two up and two down


  27. aton

    hmmmm..i miss Trap Music and KING T.I. After King his material just felt generic, but his lyrics were still potent. Paper Trail was kinda corny imo, his new “inspirational” and “changed man persona” seem phoned in because he was going to jail. He is playing it safe with this song and it aint bad just, generic and boring.


  28. Mr. Roc NAtion

    That was cute at the end with tiny poppong out… gud video


  29. sagb

    its okay!


  30. MB92

    This is an alright song, i gotta listen again to make sure thought im tired now. Keri looks a hotmess at the beginning but around 1:30 she pulled it together w/ the tanktop and shorts


  31. Ur Welcom

    I’m sorry, CIARA WHO??? Keri kickd ha off the cliff & rih-ject better watch out cause Keri aint playing no games. GOT YOUR BACK>>>>>>LOVE THE WAY YOU DIE !LOL!


  32. get it up

    dont be a hater be motivater


  33. LMAO

    This camel looking girl is a HOT mess. What the heck was that?? She look like a Ciara reject with a Rihanna wig on.

    In to y’all talkin’ mess about Ciara & Rihanna, Rihanna is on the #1 song in the country right now, she is not worried about this tacky broad. Ciara finna come out wit Usher & Jay-Z and smash too…she ain’t worried about this flop swagger jacker either!!!


  34. Kev

    How come everytime Keri’s in something I always see Rihanna’s name poppin up… I mean Faith Evans was killin it with blonde hair back in ’95 before Rihanna was even thought of. I love Rihanna but I’m just sayin…

    Anyway this song is cool. I don’t really like the beat but it’s cool that T.I. is thanking Tiny for havin his back through this hard time for him. Why does Keri always have to be copyin someone tho… Ciara ain’t thinkin bout Keri and Keri ain’t thinkin bout Ciara either. They’re just doing them… too many people in the world wanna put everybody against each other why can’t we just stand together. Dang


  35. Kev

    And let me add that I love Jill Marie Jones from “Girlfriends.” She’s beautiful. I wish we could see more of her. A lot of familiar faces in this video


  36. An0thrNight272

    I dont like this song..n im a big fan of T.I. sounds too typical for both t.i. and keri.

    Keri needs to go back to black hair, and I HATE the make-up, it’s zombie-ish.

    Hopefully T.I.’s next single will be stronger
    *sips tea*


  37. ayototz



  38. ricanaire

    shit at least Love The Way You Lie went number 1!


  39. Antonio

    best music and video in which Keri Hilson involved!

    follow me on Twitter!
    https: / / / antonioglg


  40. вeяячℓiσuѕ вeα

    Not feeling this song
    The song with rihanna was way better


  41. Reality Check

    Funny how people who dont like the song and keri hilson still bother to click and watch the video. Yall are funny style.


  42. CT

    Sick video
    This song a smash!!!!!


  43. MB92

    WTF is wrong with yall This song AINT GOT NOTHING ON LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE…. smfh


  44. ayototz

    song is crazy and will become a top 10 definately


  45. Deemy Tha Kid

    Keri Hilson is giving me too much Rihanna Russian Roulette vibe. from the look to the way she starts dressing now. Rihanna can be imitated but never duplicated keri.


  46. king

    keri lok up to rihanna


  47. Ri'tirehataz

    I’m a Rihanna fan (obviously) but I also like Keri Hilson. Many artist copy each other which isn’t horrible unless that artist fails to give due credit to the original artist. Like many in the industry Keri doesn’t admit when she’s jocked another artist.


  48. crip

    a lot of keri haters out there…i mean tryin to be hater, cause deep in they know they r keri fan…hahahha…keri cute and hot like always…

    That was cool at the end with tiny poppong out…nice work T.I.P


  49. taj mahal

    stop comparing and support the artists if you like them. if you dont like it dont post. stop being childish


  50. Top 10 hit

    @Taj Mahal Very well said.


  51. JayRide

    its ok its not like dead and gonee or whatever u like or previous hits. keri can sing denyin but im shocked theres no auto-tune on this?
    anyway t.i wat happened?


  52. eRiebuch

    Beyonce & Keri Hilson are the best ;)


  53. ciarastan4life

    no one like that skeri bitch
    i cant stand her but i like this sonq for some reason


  54. king

    rihanna and beyonce is the best not gaga


  55. RAwr

    Avon Lady :O
    There’s something wrong with Keri Hilson that doesn’t make me like her, i just don’t know what!!!


  56. Toolondeck

    smh its just ironic that these e-haters u find talkin shit about keri or her joint are the same ol freaks that would be quick to jump off grindin the grease outta dudes pants, rubing their tits when the dj be bumpin the joint…holy craps!


  57. fuck y'all

    rihanna is jst doing her thang now…bt dat doesnt mean she’s better off. got ur back is tight & will definitely see number 1. Well done da king of d south & ms keri



    LUV IT:)


  59. Jandra902

    This song let me respect T.I.P. alot.Tiny has put up with lot over the years and it’s nice to see the right thing, He didn’t up and just hook up the the youngest prettiest thing comming his way.Dont get me wrong Tiny was banging back in our day. But a good man needs a good vwomen who’s there through thick and thin, and it’s good to see he knows what he’s got at home. Hopefuuly some of the young men today will learn to treat women nicely.


  60. Chrisy2424

    She coping Rihanna don’t care what nobody says next thing we know her hair will be red


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