New Music: Jay Sean f/ Nicki Minaj – ’2012’

Jay Sean and Nicki Minaj

Jay Sean parties like it’s the end of the world on “2012,” the first single from his fourth album. Nicki Minaj joins her CMYM labelmate on the dance floor while the clock counts down. A video for the party anthem will debut on August 8.

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  1. Cjay Smith



  2. AAA

    I’m tellin y’all nicki can’t be stop, so y bother to hate, your waisting your time


  3. lame

    yawn..jay sean just makes boring generic r’n’b songs that will get ridiculously overplayed on radio, nicki minaj is the only reason to listen to this.


  4. YES

    Never like Jay Sean – Track is a sleeper.
    I like the way Nicki flowed.. No Gimmick! But track is lame


  5. JAYE

    he coulda came a little bit harder on the track to ensure the club play like “Down”


  6. carl



  7. 2011k

    song eats ass…both Jay Sean and Nicki took their respective bites…


  8. Micheal A.

    @ Carl – Princess Onika

    She is hardly the Queen. If Gaga is still the princess of Pop then Nicki is far from the Queen.

    Lil Kim Missy Lauryn Eve Trina & A Few Others – She Got About 10 Years Before She Can Call Herself The Queen!


  9. Des

    He sucks, but she sounds better than usual


  10. ...

    song is still ass. he can’t sing, she can’t rap. mess.


  11. J

    @Micheal did Nicki call herself the queen or did carl?


  12. Shaytan

    @ J – Carl called her the queen – The kids is confused


  13. Jeffery J-Boe

    This Is Clearly Nicki Minaj’s Year, and She Is Really Helping The Female/Femcee’s Hip-Hop Artists, Because They Were Non-Existent Until She Came Along… The Queens Are: Lauryn Hill, & Missy Elliott Who Both Represents Both Old School, and New School Hip-Hop, and All Their Albums Went Platinum Or 2x Platinum Or More… And The Princesses Are: Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Eve, Trina, Remy Ma, Nicki Minaj, & Rah Digga(In Order By Record Sells Not Popularity), and Let’s Not Forget The Ultimate Queens Of Hip-Hop Are: Roxanne Shante, Salt & Pepa With Spinderella, Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, and Yo-Yo… And Jay Sean’s “2012″ Song With Nicki Minaj Is Hott… Jay Sean, and Nicki Minaj For 2010, and Beyond.


  14. cool

    this song is very hot and catchy and nicki verse is nice no voices no cussing just rapping


  15. pop



  16. Me

    This is probably the greatest song I have ever heard.


  17. hello

    What’s the point in commenting with your hate? If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.


  18. I

    all of u haters need to stop…i mean i admit it may not be as amazing as down…but this song is still absolutly AMAZING!! atleast jay has the voice…he has a view and ear to music that some rnb singers dont even have…this is an amzing song…i actually wasnt a big fan of nicki before this song…jay is amazing…and he always will be!!


  19. J

    @shaytan I know that.
    But I’m sick of ppl attacking Nicki for what others say. Like how everyone said she’s not a queen; even tho Flex gave her the crown on tv, ppl say it in her interviews, and comment it. But everytime she says “thank you, but i don’t think i’m there yet.” Also shaytan ur a fucking hater, all u do is live in kim’s hayday with her old nose. Go play in traffic…


  20. Toolondeck

    tuff flow Nicki you hold it down 4 shizzle!hey good lookin Jay i see too bro… freehomieTune allday!ymcmb!


  21. A Realist

    Its cool.


  22. andy0666

    Of course she had to jump on this song-it’s a way for her to get popular in Europe since Jay Sean is played on the radio here like every single day. Still the song kinda sucks ’cause it sounds a lot like his other stuff.


  23. Keri

    Ugggghhh just another plain Nicki Minaj track. Im so sick of people Co-Signing this chick. She is a GIMMICK!!! She is a fake Lil’ Kim, be original please. She is doing shit that has already been done. Just look at the picture above, that is a classic Lil’ Kim look.


  24. Brian

    Is that Lil’ Kim on that pic above? Ohh no its a Lil’ Kim wanna be! SMH damn Nicki is like a Lil’ Kim Stan, how you jock someone else’s style and not show them Respect. Thats not a true artist, start your OWN trends then people will respect you more. Right now Nicki is like a Weird Al Yankovic, just a parody of Kim. LMAO


  25. SAM

    @brian and @keri nicki is not like lil kim they sound nothing alike nicki can wear a colorful wig if she wants to kim wasnt the first to wear colorful hair and nicki wont be the last ..and she not a gimmick she ust being her self she just having fun not taking herself serious and you no that aint no classic little kim look kim shows her body most of the time classic lil kim look is a bra or a piece of cloth over her nipple thats classic lil lim and she is 35 coming to a party in lingerie the women needs to grow up and dress more apporiate…plus lil kim cant rap a verse without talking bout sex and nicki really doesnt talk about sex anymore .hw ppl have respect for someone who dont rite there own stuff and it has be proven&if you didnt like nicki why click on a song with her in it !!


  26. trey-k

    I stopped the track at 0.53. Cheesy pop ish.


  27. drelicx

    Wow!!!it was fantastic


  28. Steve

    @Brian and @Keri

    What is Nicki Doing, that Kim has already done ? Because I see no similarities

    –Nicki actually does more than just Hip-Hop/Rap songs, Ive never seen Kim on any pop songs ?
    –Lil Kim raps in a mans voice while Nicki raps in a cute entertaining voice
    –Lil Kim raps about SEX in majority of her songs all she talks about is her ass, dicks, and “How many licks it takes to get to the center of her —-”
    –Nicki has already won MORE awards than Kim and Nicki’s only been to one award show, isn’t that kinda sad ?
    –And if your gonna bring up that stupid shit about her and wigs ? Like somebody already said…Lil Kim wasn’t the 1st person to wear wigs and niether is she the only person that can wear wigs. Like have you seen Katy Perry, Lady GaGa, and M.I.A. lately they have all wore wigs to there shows lately so Nicki’s not the only niether will she be the last.


  29. CjB

    nicki actually had a pretty good verse but the rest is still shit nothing orginal the same bull shit thats clooging up the air waves


  30. jamie

    @j i’ve noticed that too and im tired of everytime somebody says something goood about nicki people get mad at nicki like she sed it & everytime somebody says something to nicki she always like humble . but anyway the song is very catchy and popish which its suppose to im sure it will do good on raadio & i like nicki verse especially when she says” days of our lives you wink it goes by so we’ll just get it with no edits and everything goes no time for closed minds” i think its a pretty good quote it makes alot of sense


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