This Is What The-Dream Gave Up

Christina Milian

Christina Milian keeps herself looking good while working out in a blue bodysuit in Woodland Hills, Calif., on Thursday (July 22), still wearing her wedding ring. TMZ revealed that her husband The-Dream filed for divorce nine days before she gave birth to their daughter Violet. Terius’ loss is another man’s gain.

Christina Milian Christina Milian Christina Milian Christina Milian

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  1. Marlon

    The Dream is a dumbass!! Christina is sooooooooooo fuckin sexy it aint even!…. She definitely deserves better


  2. Lil CiCi

    I wish C.Milian well. She’s always been very pretty in my eyes. She find somebody who will come in terms with her. Man I need to hop off my ass and start working out soon.


  3. An0thrNight272

    Damn she’s Hot. Love her song ” Im sexy ” and “welcome to Vegas” i think its called


  4. peace&music

    well alright! *drake voice* lol


  5. Ced

    Damn ! Terius c’mon !!! Forget Nikki once and for all !! Let it go! U will regret this brother !


  6. Lil CiCi

    “She’ll find somebody who will come in terms with her.” Sorry for the mistake y’all.


  7. S.S.

    damn… she is stakced her body looks better then it did in the dip it low music video! go ahead tho do ur thing and do what you gotta do to cope with ur divorce…cry if you need to but just don’t be in that place for long tho



    i’ve always thought christina was adorable. i thought she was too good for dream anyway. at the end of the day, divorce or not – her badness is still fully in tact.


  9. Trey

    Look at Tina!


  10. Riiiiiide

    The-Dream gave up Christina to be with a REAL woman….Ciara Princess Harris. I knew there was something between them when I heard he produced Basic Instinct for free. Ciara can do better..


  11. Rawr

    @Riiiiide WTF are you talking about Ciara is not that desperate :P


  12. Lil CiCi

    @ Riiide shut the hell up because you’re making us fan/stans look bad. Leave Ciara out of this. She ain’t got time for drama. Focus on Basic Instinct and keep it moving. Smh……


  13. Shipoopi



  14. missz

    She is gorgeous!! Tarius you asshole! you make hot music though, but seriously man…


  15. ciarastan2004-infinity

    that was just lame!!!! to bring up ciara name in the post she has nothing to do with them splitting up!!!! thats like her fuckin bro they got mad love for each other!!! PEACE


  16. ...

    wow, i ain’t mad


  17. Jeff

    DAMN! Christina knows EXACTLY what she’s doing!!!! wow keep it up girl, you are better without that man!

    I’m feeling like this is a time to start playing “Body” by Teairra Mari…”Ain’t it so funny what a break up can do for you? Check out my body while I’m hanging with my new boo…”


  18. LaMont

    WOW! Her body is the business! She is crazy sexy and The-Dream is crazy for leaving her!


  19. anonymous

    I really worry about The-Dream, cause something has to be off in order for him to refect something this FANCY. (Shawty is a 10!)


  20. anonymous

    (A TEN!) …lol


  21. bass_man



  22. crip

    did anyone saw that fat p**** on christina???…or it was just me…damnn!!!


  23. JD

    Xtina Milian is FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  24. headphones

    damn!! werk!


  25. Iat Romeijn

    Work It


  26. Chris

    okay i am convince this whole thing was an act how is she so hurt but keep going outside dress in tight clothes to be looked at yes we have been punked by her and the dream so please stop killing the man on the divorce issue she no where hurting all i see is a girl trying to get back relevant stop buying into it


  27. Tyler

    ^ Are you a dude??? Can’t be.


  28. Kyle

    WORK IT C. MILI!!! She looks so damn good and The Dream is a dumbass!!


  29. LShea

    Imma girl and I ain’t even mad at her – it motivates me to keep it together, myself! She workin’ it something serious!


  30. ..........

    shawty right there is a ten!


  31. Da Tapster

    The Dream iz a faggot in denial!!I’d smash Chrissy any day HOLLA!!


  32. GeeGee

    Rap-Up siding with Christina Milian? HELL YES!


  33. candi09100

    i dont beleive its neccerarliy about the looks yes she look great but some of the hottest women in the world have been dumped 4 slobbs on the street just because…. idk the dude dont know wht he has


  34. well daym

    she could rest that fat sweaty pus$y right on me SOON as she’s done that work out! i love it when its a funky…that GOOD funky…u virgins or hoes that cant keep a man wouldn’t know what i’m talkin about


  35. Vann Digital Networks

    Now this a good reason why I wanna marry a skinny chick.

    They be skinny when you marry em!!!

    They thicken up when they have some kids.

    Most of em anyway.


  36. thug 2pac - WTF Was The-Dream Thinking Letting This Go? Christina Milian Looking Nice, Working Out In Tight Blue Bodysuit [More Pics Inside]

    [...] Pics Courtesy Of Rap-Up [...]

  37. True Blue

    @ well daym:

    You’re disgusting. Nobody wants to know that.

    Anyway, Christina looks great for someone who had a baby a few months ago, her waist is small already!


  38. markel



  39. True Red

    Deff give her n 8.5 she has cottage chesse on her thighs u can tell by the last pic where she is holding the bench. And a 10 is hally berry cool calm m collective n stable . She only has a fe features. Don’t get me wrong she’s bad


  40. crip

    that wut im talkin about ”well daym”…u dig that fat pu$$y rite???…hheheh…ighttttttt


  41. ciaraStan



  42. PURDYBOi1

    She is looking better than ever! Wish you well Christina, keep your head up! Simply BEAUTIFUL!
    @true red: shut the fuck up! Everybody has cottage cheese you dumb ass idiot!


  43. babycakes

    she sexii boy


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