Video: Gucci Mane Gets ‘Freaky’ with Lil’ Kim

Gucci Mane gets an eyeful of Lil’ Kim in her see-through dress while performing the “Freaky Gurl (Remix)” at the 2010 ESPY Awards Post-Party last week in Los Angeles. The rappers were also joined onstage by the Omega Psi Phi step team dancers.

Thanks to Juletta for sending it in!

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    this look shows improvement; but her overall look is too strong. im rooting for kim, but with five star chicks like nicki now ruling the game. kim will need to step her cookies up before they crumble.


  2. Shaytan

    @ JEREMYDANTE Sit down. Kim looks fine as hell and she dressed to fit the song she was performing. Sit Down!

    Nicki is far from 5 Stars. She is a gimmick! Wise Up Kid!


  3. J

    she’s too old for this shit!


  4. CaliFan

    She is amazing when she performs live!

    Queen Bee forever!


  5. BROOKLYN718

    Kim’s body is so HOTTT!!

    Nobody can touch her ever. Queen.


  6. keY

    im talking about 15years career, there is no that much female mc who did it, this is the queen of rap,respect , lets see the new talents how long they will keep it in that way, we saw so many coming and going,kim still there, just bcoz she is the best ever…………BROOOOOOOOOKLYN


  7. Nick B

    uh huh .. but thats why she had nothing to say about Nicki at this concert :/ …


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  9. jhuntdaprodigy

    As much jokes as I crack on her, Lil Kim looked fine as hell in this video, like oh my god. Her ass is amazing…it’s gon’ take more then that to bring her career back though


  10. ...

    song’s awful but she looks fantastic. nice to see her out there rhymin’ again.


  11. imsotrue




  12. iLoveKim

    @J what do you mean she’s too old? She’s only 35, look at Jay-z and Snoop Dog their old as hell and they still rap.


  13. Keri

    Lil’ Kim looked GREAT!!!!! Her body is banging and Im so excited for her new album. JUST WATCH…she is about to take this female rap game back watch. After 16 years in this game she is still doing it BIG!!! Grammys, multiplatinum albums, movies, endorsements, sorry the only other females that has had that kind of success is Missy and Eve. Lil Kim is definitely the QUEEN OF RAP!!!!


  14. cutiepie

    Team kim all day and she looks hot.


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