Pink Shares Admiration for Eminem

Eminem and Pink

Eminem gave Pink his stamp of approval by asking her to lend her vocals to “Won’t Back Down” off his platinum album Recovery, but what does pop’s edgy star think of Marshall Mathers?

“I think he’s one of the most poetic, ballsy, and hilarious people this industry has ever seen,” Pink told SPIN magazine.

Unlike her pop peers Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Jessica Simpson, Pink was spared Em’s wrath in his songs. “I was always afraid he’d pick me as a target, but he’s always been nice to me and finally approached me to be on the album, so I must have done something right,” said the flattered singer.

Eminem expressed his admiration for his fellow rebel in a previous interview. “I’ve always respected what she does,” he told BBC Radio 1. “When we did the track, I heard her on it and knew vocally she’d smash it.”

The duo’s rap-rock collabo can be heard in the commercial for Activision’s Call of Duty: Black Ops. Eminem has also been performing the song, sans Pink, at his live shows.

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  1. mike

    i think everybody respects and amdmires pink!
    she truly is the biggest star in pop music right now, no beyonce, no rihanna, no lady gaga, it’s all about pink


  2. rman

    and since when has eminem been an authoritarian on when somebody does “something right”?


  3. Toya

    At first I was surprised that Em would do anything with P!nk or Rhianna because of Em’s loathing of pop music but it sort of makes sense because they aren’t like Christina and Britney. They’re both pretty cute but they don’t use their bodies as their only means of making money. P!nk more than Rhianna proves that a girl can turn heads while keeping her clothes on.


  4. ...

    @Toya: so christina aguilera only has her body to make money but rihanna doesn’t?

    giiiiiiiirrrrrrllllllllll you are trippin’…


  5. cari s.

    @ Toya Yeah right…


  6. pay attention

    @…and cari s.

    r u not listening to what Toya is saying she said:
    “P!nk more than Rhianna proves that a girl can turn heads while keeping her clothes on.”

    she never said that rihanna never takes her clothes off (cuz she definetely does) she said that BOTH dont have to do all the time to get money or attention

    anything else yall say is jus hatin


  7. Cliff

    I sort of agree with Toya when it comes to Christina early in her career. Remember geenie in a bottle and the whole X-Tina phase. The difference b/w her and Britney is that she evolved past that (and showed she can actually sing. Notice Em hasn’t really said anything about Christina in a long time while he continually attacked Britney up to Relapse.

    Anyway, P!nk has always been dope and true to herself. In a way she’s sort of the Eminem of the female pop world.


  8. leona

    pink is the female version of eminem. they both have funny singles bashing other celebs but now they’ve both matured


  9. True Blue

    “she never said that rihanna never takes her clothes off (cuz she definetely does) she said that BOTH dont have to do all the time to get money or attention”

    Rihanna has been taking her clothes off for like the past year now… that meets my definition of “all the time”, and she has no talent to back it up, so it’s the only way she can sell records.

    And I like Pink, but I find it kind of hypocritical that last year she called out Katy Perry for her song “I Kissed A Girl”, saying that it was offensive to the gay community, but apparently has no problem with Eminem, who’s been known to use homophobic slurs in his songs.


  10. debbie

    i absolutely agree w/ Cliff and Leona!!!


  11. Me

    @True Blue

    Don’t make accusations about P!nk when you can’t even cite the source of your gossip. P!nk said in an interview with DIVA magazine (UK 2008) that her gay friends don’t like the Katy Perry song thinking that the song was offensive to the gay community as it promotes fake bisexuality, HOWEVER she herself don’t have issues with it. Trash mags and gossip bloggers picked up on that interview and made it seem like it was all P!nk’s opinion.

    As for her collab. with Eminem, he has matured a lot and didnt he say recently that he has no issues on gay marriage.?! She wouldnt have collaborated with him if he still was homophobic.

    P!nk is many things but she is not a hypocrite or a liar.


  12. Sam

    @Me: Really? You think Eminem has matured? He still does the same shit he always does, his last album is proof of that, the way he was taking shots at Mariah and Nick.


  13. j

    em hates brit because he said she can’t sing. and honestly, xtina’s voice >>>> brit’s voice. xtina can sing ANY of brit’s songs but imagine brit having to do xtina’s songs. it would be impossible for her. em was miffed at xtina earlier on because she was making fun of him first and him being the immature prick back then just had to fight back at anyone who went against him. but in the end xtina made up with em and they had a bro-sis hug, xtina said so. as for pink, i’m not the greatest fan but she is indeed special.

    eminem has definitely matured a lot. he’s like a brand new person, i can’t even believe this was the eminem i knew back in high school.


  14. j

    @sam yeah that was immature but you cannot surmise a person’s maturity based on one of that instance. have you seen his most recent interviews? if you have known him for a long time now, you can see the difference in the way he he handles questions, and the way he talks, which is a lot more coherent. he processes thoughts a lot more articulately than he was in the past. he doesn’t act like a punk in interviews like he used to. that is a sign of maturity.


  15. kimberly-lashelle

    pink is great and well talented. her em are kinda the same in regards that they demand respect!! ems the best recovery is hott i love want back down!!!


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  17. A-tee

    It makes sense that Eminem respects Pink. After all, in her own equally amazing way, she is just as real as him, whereas Christina and Brittany are typically fake and materialistic with they’re music. Having grown up in the underground rap surroundings, i can see where Eminem would respect Pinks musical endeavors. Of course i dont personally know either of them and i only know what they and the press allow to be released which im nearly certain is not even close to all of the story of either of them, but to me this makes sense.


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