Rap-Up TV: On Set of Nipsey Hussle’s ‘Feelin’ Myself’ Video

Nipsey Hussle invited Rap-Up TV to his Crenshaw stomping grounds for an exclusive look at the video for “Feelin’ Myself,” the first single from his debut album South Central State of Mind, due later this fall. The West Coast rapper’s neighbors and Twitter followers filled the streets of 57th and Harcourt with the hopes of making an appearance in the Marc Klasfeld-directed clip. With his hometown behind him and his proud father and brother on set, rap’s rising star cruised the block in his Benz, throwing money in the air.

“The concept is basically the fruits of our labor, the hard work paying off,” Nipsey told Rap-Up TV. “It’s about the struggle I had to get into the position I’m at as far as being a valued player in this hip-hop thing.”

Lloyd, whose smooth vocals can be heard on the 1500 or Nothin’ production, stopped by to lend his support and make a cameo. “That’s just the homie,” he said of his collaborator. “I think Nipsey is on the up and coming. I think he’s one of the hottest from the West.”

Photos: On Set of Nipsey Hussle’s “Feelin’ Myself” Video

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  1. hiphopmediacenter.ning.com

    Nipsey Hussle and Lloyd look like they could be brothers


  2. Will

    He looks like a combination between Snoop dogg and lloyd lol.


  3. jay calloway

    imma big fan of nipsey i support everythiing he does. most respect and love neighborhood nip hussle and make sure yall follow me on twitter @jcalloway24 thanks ! the west is bacc


  4. crip

    yeah that wut im talkin about…nice song…lloyd one more time…and nipsey dope!!!!



  5. 1$T Lady Hu$$le

    Congratz! A.M.Q


  6. djfattz

    A.m.b that’s my bro nipsey hussle cuz doin his stuff


  7. Samuel Pizazz Clemens

    I’m an artist/producer myself and I been watchin nip hussle and his boys do their thing since around 2004 when I started husslin incense & burning oils at the shoppin center on crenshaw and slauson, These dudes are very cool and down to earth I was there for the “Feelin Myself” video shoot over on 57th and harcourt and Nip and Lloyd did their thing, I got much respect for nip hussle and the entire AMB family and I hope to work with these dudes one day…Much love as the marathon continues…


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