Kanye West Visits His Facebook Friends, Performs New Material

Kanye West

Kanye West has been showing up in all sorts of random places including LeBron James’ NBA announcement, alongside King Tut’s great-grandmother, and now the Facebook headquarters. Mr. West, in a designer suit, stopped by the social networking website’s Palo Alto, Calif., offices on Tuesday (July 27) to perform four songs from his fifth album, including “Mama’s Boyfriend,” “Lost in the World,” “Chain Heavy,” and “Sweat on My Face.”

Watch him entertain atop a cafeteria table below and check out “Power” being used in the trailer for the Facebook film The Social Network.

Kanye West Kanye West Kanye West Kanye West Kanye West

“I am the day Ice Cube met Michael Jackson”

Source: Kanye Live and Facebook

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  1. TeamMinaj

    Dead @ the man with the yellow purse ……………


  2. KanyeLive

    now thats what i’m talking about!


  3. PJaY

    Lyrics are of the chain… really wow… Album of the year, just sayin.


  4. @nandamedeiros_

    Dead @ the man with the yellow purse [2]


  5. PJaY

    @TeamMinaj That’s Don C


  6. shaytan

    TeamMinaj – I wouldn’t expect someone who follows Nicki Minaj to know about style ( Being that she doesn’t have any)! Its not a purse it’s a custom Goyard men’s briefcase. Only place to get it is Paris & San Fran. FYI: It cost more than Nicki’s ” Your Love ” Video!


  7. Chico Dusty

    LOL @ this last stan quoting the price of a purse. What a loser!!!


  8. Red

    LMFAO @ shaytan – If it cost more than Nicki’s “Your Love” video than it must be cheap as fu(k. Cheapest Ugliest Video this year!

    @ Chico how is someone a loser for talking about fashion and knowing fashion. You are the loser #StayMad


  9. mike

    he wish he was as talented as Michael Jackson
    his ego will never ease up just a bit?


  10. dillon_68

    Lyrically sick!


  11. mr

    everyone doesnt have 2 b humble. If everyone was the same there would be no creativity. Cant wait for sept 14!


  12. John

    lil wayne is better…wait for Carter IV


  13. Tev

    Kanye will have the best album this year hate if u want but it wont get u no where


    okocha philip Reply:

    @Tev, i remain ur friend tev


  14. jeremydante

    he does too much.


  15. mr

    lmfao “he does to much” says the guy with the over the top picture


  16. Y.A.K.A.

    @ Mike he more talented than MJ


  17. theresa_keys



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  19. YeBack

    lil wayne is ass compared to Ye
    Kanye got classics
    Wayne dont carter 2 was close but nah


  20. B-Rad

    @ John… Lil’ Wayne wish he could be Ye’ this man is musically genius. Wayne is A rip off of Andre 3000 and Jay-Z. Wayne come again…SMH


  21. keith

    i will be happy when septmeber 14 come….i would be buying like 5 copies of the album good ass job….i believe he would get album of the this time….he don’t just have the beats…he have the LYRICS & He Make Them sound Interesting…His Albums Are Worth Buying…Because He Makes Good Music….He Never Let You Down When It Comes To Make An Album!


  22. Toolondeck

    fuk ye’s music go tell somebody who dnt kn shit about rap.All this goofhead does is to make freakn hypnotizing illumunati shit with the likes of jayz,ross, and some many other gay ass sellout rappers fukn up the industry bigtime cos they all have become slaves of the ELITE who controls every aspect of their music to manipulate the society for em to establish their NEW WORLD OEDER! folks we need wake the fuk up b4 its too late cos its jus not bout rap or music anymore…


  23. Phoenix_Wright

    my son Ye performing on top of a table!!! lmao I love this


  24. okocha philip

    kanye is my mentor, i love his sense of originality give him what you know so well and he’ll return it better than it used to be. He is the ORATOR


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