New Music: Nicki Minaj f/ Rick Ross – ‘Your Love (Remix)’

Nicki Minaj and Rick Ross

Rick Ross takes the liberty of putting himself on the remix to Nicki Minaj’s No. 1 rap single “Your Love.” A grunting Rozay keeps it brief, hoping to capitalize off Barbie mania with his 16 bars.

In related news, Bruce Willis is flattered by Nicki’s Die Hard reference. “I love that song,” the actor told MTV News. “I don’t understand it, but I can understand my name.”

Download: Nicki Minaj f/ Rick Ross – “Your Love (Remix)”

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  1. Red

    Worst than the original. His music is garbage and so is hers. They both give Hip Hop a bad name!



    Office Ricky, man you messed up this beautiful song. Just cuz a song a hit don’t mean you gotta hop on it Office Ricky….


  3. Kid Fury

    “…hoping to capitalize off Barbie mania with his 16 bars.”

    LMAO! You shady things you. ;)


  4. J

    i’m sure his intentions were good but he needs to stay off Nicki’s music!


  5. BG

    LMAO @ Bruce Willis saying he “doesn’t understand the song.”


  6. ponyo

    #fail stop usin classy music with this wack shit tired of these mutha fuckers….nicki quality first…it give u longevity.. your music is like a quick nut…..


  7. T.I.N.O

    Fucken hataz man Ross killed dis shit, YMCMB all day


  8. A Realist

    His voice does not belong on this track. This is worse than hearing Jeezy on Ciara’s “Never Ever”.


  9. Candi09100

    Rickross doesnt really need nicki minajs songs 2 stay in the game he been here 4 albums now! he has his stamp on hiphop he was merely showing minaj luv. like a real supporter of hiphop does. haterz back up



    nicki minaj is my woman… your love is my song…


  11. hello

    rick ross isnt a bad rapper so i cant hate but its just that his voice doesnt go wit thiz song sorry!


  12. MB92

    this isent bad, im not a fan of rick ross but he blended pretty good into this song, although i didnt understand what he was rapping about but it was pretty good


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